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Fibroids are uncomplicated. However, in certain cases, excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle might lead to dropping in red blood cells which would lead to fatigue. In rare cases, a blood transfusion might be required.

Fibroids generally do not cause infertility issues or pregnancy loss but submucosal fibroids could. Fibroids usually don't interfere with getting pregnant. However submucosal fibroids could cause infertility or pregnancy loss. Fibroids could also lead to pregnancy complications like placental abruption, pre-term delivery, or restricted fetal growth.

There is no way fibroids can be prevented. However, maintaining weight and taking a good diet means keeping a healthy pattern towards the risk of fibroids. Some research suggests hormonal contraceptives may be able to lower the risk of fibroids.

At Medfin, we offer you exclusive pricing of Rs. 299. This also includes registration. We do not charge extra for the registration of a new patient.

Yes, the doctor that you have consulted will be the one performing your surgery or if you wish to change your surgeon, you can get in touch with us and we will do the needful.

Medfin has partnered with top hospitals in medical facilities pan India. Based on the payment mode, we will give you a list of medical facilities where your surgery can be performed in your respective location. If you are paying directly, then you may choose from our entire network of hospitals. However, if you are going through insurance, then we will help you with the list of our partner hospitals that accept your insurance.

We can organize a second appointment with another Medfin specialist free of cost.

We understand that it may be a difficult time and we will do everything we can to ensure that it is as hassle-free as possible.  here is how Medfin can help:

  • Cross verify the suggested procedure: Based on your reports and medical condition, Medfin can tell you if there are alternative, advanced day-care procedures. We can also set up an appointment with our specialist doctor to check your eligibility for the same.
  • Work out the lowest fixed price package: If you opt for direct payment, then may be able to choose from our list of partner hospitals based on your budget. We will find you the right hospital based on your budget. Irrespective of the hospital, the surgeon you consulted will be the one performing your surgery.
  • Find you the right hospital: If you opt to use your insurance for the procedure, then our team will help you process the same and give you a list of partner hospitals where your surgery can be performed. Please note that irrespective of the hospital, the surgeon you consulted will be the one performing your surgery.
  • Personal Medfin assistant: At the hospital during the time of your surgery, you will have access to a Medfin assistant who will help your family with the required paperwork and other surgery-related work.

Medfin accepts all insurance. You can even check your insurance coverage here. Alternatively, you may speak to one of our representatives who will help you.

If you wish to exercise the reimbursement option of your insurance policy, then our team will help you by filing the reimbursement on your behalf.

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