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Revision Of A Stapedectomy

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Cochlear Implant Surgery

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Revision Of A Stapedectomy

Why Do People Get Stapedectomy Surgery?

People primarily undergo a stapedectomy operation to improve their hearing ability affected by otosclerosis. The main reasons for choosing this surgery are as follows:

  • Improve hearing: The main goal is to restore the hearing ability or to improve it significantly. The surgery can be a boon for people who wish to regain their normal hearing levels and reduce the severity of their hearing loss.
  • Improve quality of life: The surgery helps improve your hearing ability, thereby allowing you to have better communication in work and social environments. You will feel safer and will enjoy sounds and music.
  • Non-responsiveness to other treatments: Otosclerosis worsens over time, and hearing aids, the first line of treatment, may not be sufficient for everyone. Stapedectomy surgery can offer a more permanent solution.

The decision to proceed with the operation for otosclerosis is based on the degree of hearing loss, the presence of other medical conditions that may affect surgery or recovery, and the health of the ear. 

Different Types Of Stapedectomy Surgery

The following table outlines various types of stapedectomy, which are all designed with variations to optimize outcomes:

Type of Stapedectomy SurgeryDescription
Traditional StapedectomyA small flap is made in the eardrum, and the entire stapes is removed, and then replaced with a prosthetic device.
Partial StapedectomyHere, only a part of the stapes bone is removed while the footplate is left in place. The prosthesis is inserted by making a small hole in the footplate.
Stapedotomy ProcedureIt’s a variation of stapedectomy, where a laser or a micro drill creates a hole in the stapes footplate, into which a prosthesis is inserted. There is no bone removal and it’s a less risky procedure with better outcomes.
Laser-assisted StapedectomyA laser is used to create a hole in the stapes footplate; it allows precise control and poses less risk for the inner ear. 
Piston ProsthesisA piston-like device (prosthesis) is inserted through a hole in the footplate and attached to the incus (Teflon piston stapedectomy). The piston can be made of titanium, Teflon, or platinum.
Perichondrium/Cartilage GraftA small piece of cartilage or perichondrium tissue is placed around the prosthesis to promote healing and lower the risk of prosthesis displacement. 













Each type of stapedectomy surgery carries its own set of benefits, risks, and suitability criteria for different individuals, based on individual health, surgeon’s expertise, and technological availability. The decision to proceed with a particular technique is about restoring maximum hearing ability and minimizing risks.

Stapedectomy Surgery - What You Can Expect

Here are the details of what happens before, during, and after a stapedectomy surgery:

Before Surgery (Preparation)

A thorough preparation is required for stapedectomy:

  • Medical evaluation: The doctor will discuss your medical history and perform a physical examination. Some audiometric tests might be conducted to assess the level and type of hearing loss. Imaging studies like CT scans may also be recommended to get a detailed view of the inside of the ear. 
  • Consultation: The surgeon discusses the potential risks and benefits of the surgery, the surgical plan, and what can be expected postoperation. 
  • Medication review: The doctor will review any current medications or supplements. Some medications such as blood thinners will have to be discontinued for a brief period to lower the risk of bleeding.
  • Diet and lifestyle changes: Patients will receive instructions on diet to be followed before the procedure. The surgeon will recommend quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption to lower the risk of complications.
  • Arrange help: Arrange someone to drop you back from the hospital or healthcare facility. Also, arrange for someone to assist you at home during your recovery.

A careful preparation plan can allow for a smoother procedure and comfortable recovery. Make sure you discuss all your concerns with your healthcare provider beforehand. 

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