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It depends on the type of laser surgery. It usually takes around 2 weeks before you can start doing light physical activities.

Prostate laser surgery improves urinary flow and its results are generally long-lasting. 

Sometimes, laser surgery fails to tackle the issue of removing the entire mass of abnormal prostate tissue that blocks the urine flow or the tissue may grow back. In these cases, further treatment is needed.

Traditional TURP surgery can lead to more bleeding than laser surgery which may require a blood transfusion in some and a more extended hospital stay. 

Hence, a laser is a better option, especially for the elderly.

The surgery has little effect on the subsequent erections. The neck of the bladder opens following the surgery causing retrograde/'backward' ejaculation, which is harmless.

The semen will be flushed out with the urine. It will have very little effect on your sexual activities.

Complications are rare but can happen. One must look out for signs like fever or chills, excessive bleeding in urine, fluid drainage from the operated site, thickened urine, and other unusual signs and symptoms.

Keep your surgical wound clean and avoid soaking the operated area dressing while bathing. Follow the specific instruction as advised by the doctor regarding wound care.

Avoid heavy physical activities for the following six weeks.

Avoid sitting for a prolonged period.

Take pain medications if required to manage postoperative pain.

The type of laser surgery to be done depends upon the prostate size, the patient’s health, the doctor’s training, and the availability of the type of laser equipment.

Dry orgasm or retrograde ejaculation is a risk associated with prostate laser surgery. In this side effect, the semen is released into the bladder rather than out of the penis. It is not harmful but can interfere with one’s ability to father a child.

Retreatment after a prostate laser vaporization surgery might be needed because not all tissue is removed or because the tissue grows back over time. Men who had laser enucleation hence do not require re-treatment as the entire prostate tissue blocking the urine flow is removed.

General or spinal anesthesia is administered before the surgery. With spinal anesthesia, you’ll remain conscious but the pain will be blocked from the surgery site. With general anesthesia, you will be unconscious during the procedure.

These symptoms can last for weeks as well as months, depending upon how you are healing and what was the size of your prostate.   

After the surgery, your urinary flow will be strong and easy to start. Also, you will be able to empty the bladder well enough. Most older men still wake once at night to urinate.  

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