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In most cases, removal of pilonidal sinus or cysts does not require overnight hospitalization, although in cases of larger cysts removal under general anesthesia, staying at the hospital for a couple of days is needed.



The pilonidal sinus is a small tunnel present under the surface of the skin. It is usually found on the skin on the lower part of your back where the butt divides. When infected, it contains hair follicles, pus, and blood.

A pilonidal sinus is caused by the following-

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Friction between the skin, hair, and undergarments
  • Pushing of hair inside the sinus
  • Wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable clothes

Pilonidal sinus is treated symptomatically. You will be given medications like antipyretics and analgesics to deal with fever and pain. Antibiotics are prescribed to clear the infection. 
Repeated infections and large abscesses may require surgical intervention in the form of an incision and drainage or excision. Laser treatment to clean the infection and destroy the sinus tract is also an option

Surgery for pilonidal sinus is indicated in serious conditions like repeated infections and large abscesses. Delaying it will cause unnecessary and avoidable pain and agony.

Pilonidal sinus is not known to cause cancer. Very rarely, the pilonidal sinus may lead to the development of squamous cell carcinoma.

Traditional surgeries involve a lot of incisions, cuts, and sutures while excising the sinus tract. The procedure and recovery can be extremely painful. However, laser surgery is minimally invasive and relatively painless.

A proctologist (a doctor who focuses on diseases of the colon and rectum), a colorectal surgeon (a surgeon who specializes in surgeries related to the rectum and colon), or a general surgeon are the best doctors to treat pilonidal sinus.

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