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Phimosis is not a life-threatening condition. IT rarely causes symptoms in young boys and they outgrow the condition by 5 years of age. In adults, there may be symptoms like pain during urination and sexual activities, difficulty passing urine, swelling of the foreskin, and infections of the foreskin. These symptoms can cause severe complications if not treated on time.

A man with phimosis may not be able to indulge in sexual activity due to the pain and friction on the skin. Phimosis also indicates a possibility of type 2 diabetes. These two reasons may play a role in a man with phimosis not being able to have children. As such, phimosis does not affect your sperm count and has no bearing on your ability to father children.

Leaving phimosis untreated can lead to severe infections, necrosis and gangrene of the penis, and eventual amputation. Cancer of the penis is also a possibility.

In young kids below 5 years old, phimosis resolves by itself. In older kids and adults, treatment becomes necessary. The treatment involves circumcision, a surgery where the foreskin is removed completely. Your doctor may suggest symptomatic treatments like painkillers, antibiotics, and steroid creams to address the symptoms due to phimosis.

Forcibly pulling the foreskin is not advisable, even if you do not suffer from phimosis. Pulling the foreskin forcibly will lead to the tearing of the skin. You will end up doing more harm than good.

Circumcision may cause complications like:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Infection on the tip of the penis
  3. Blockage of the urethra, the pipe-like structure which carries urine out of the body
  4. Poor healing of the wound

Getting a circumcision means:

  1. You will never suffer from phimosis again
  2. You have very low chances of developing sexually transmitted diseases
  3. Your risk of getting urinary tract infections is low
  4. Your chances of penile cancer are greatly reduced


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