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General surgeons are highly trained to treat a wide range of illnesses. They are educated and trained in the diagnosis, preoperative, operative and postoperative management of patient care.

The type of procedure chosen will depend on individual symptoms and your overall health. The surgeon will thoroughly review your medical history and analyze your signs and symptoms before finalizing the treatment plan. Mild cases can be managed with minimally invasive procedures while severe cases would require open or traditional surgery.

A few conditions that are treated at Medfin include hernia, intestinal obstruction, gallstones, lipomas, various types of abscesses, cysts or fistulas, intestinal fistula, ingrown toenails, etc. These conditions in most cases will require a non-invasive or invasive procedure to manage them.

A few situations where you would make an appointment with a general surgeon include:

  • In case of a medical emergency: This includes conditions such as appendicitis, hernia, gallstones, and injuries such as a gunshot.
  • When your physician has recommended surgery: Based on your symptoms, the physician would arrive at a diagnosis and might refer you to a general surgeon if required.
  • In case you choose an elective procedure: This includes procedures such as Hernia Surgery, Gallstones removal surgery, Lipoma Removal Surgery.

General surgeons have a broad knowledge base and are trained to perform a wide range of surgical procedures. They provide surgical care for multiple organ systems and treat a variety of conditions. Specialized surgeons, on the other hand, focus on a specific area or organ system, such as cardiovascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, or neurosurgery.

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