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You may have to undergo the tests as prescribed by the doctor to evaluate the type, size, and location of the gallstone for surgery . Patients with other ailments like allergies, liver and blood disorders are approached in a slightly different manner as compared to those without them. Hence, one must visit the doctor for the best treatment option.






An alternative is laparoscopic cholecystectomy or gallbladder removal, a minimally intrusive option as compared to open surgery (cholecystectomy) associated with faster recovery and less postoperative complication. But this is decided by the treating doctor .



Small gallstones do pass through the faeces. However, the larger ones get stuck and may lead to pain, infection and obstruct the bile ducts. Hence, one must visit a doctor for treatment to avoid further complications.

If the gallstones cause the patient severe pain and are left untreated for a long time it may cause a condition called acute cholecystitis which is dangerous and needs immediate treatment. 

It is seen as an infection that may spread to the surrounding tissues (leading to sepsis) due to gallstone obstruction in the gallbladder. Hence, it is better to seek treatment on experiencing any symptoms from a suitable doctor.

To avoid complications and prevent the recurrence of gallstones you must maintain a healthy diet, drink lots of water each day, lose weight if obese, and get treated for any underlying diseases like heart problems, liver cirrhosis, etc that can cause gallstones in the future.

Some studies do suggest this, as it may cause an increase in cholesterol level and worsen other conditions like heart problems, diabetes, and intestinal issues that can later cause gallstones to develop.




Preferably a surgical gastroenterologist  must be consulted.




Jaundice, Pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, infection leading to sepsis, cancer and acute cholangitis.

Your doctor will be the right person to tell you if you’re suitable for gallbladder removal through some tests done to evaluate type, size and location of the gallstone. The approach is different for those with allergies, liver ailments and blood disorders.

It may happen when the stones are small enough to reach the intestine through bile duct and get finally out with stool. However, they may get stuck in gallbladder or bile ducts and cause pain, infections and obstructions, leading to the need for medical help.

The gallbladder does not perform any important functions. So, its removal will cause no issues to the body, and you will still be able to live a normal, healthy life.

Laparoscopic gallbladder removal is one of the safest general surgeries.

No, if the gallbladder is left intact, it will result into the recurrence of stones within 3-6 months. The gallbladder with gallstones is a diseased one and needs to be removed.

The average cost of gallstone treatment in India can vary depending on several factors, including the type of treatment, hospital or clinic, surgeon's fees, location, and individual circumstances. The average cost of a laparoscopic cholecystectomy (minimally invasive surgery) in India can range from approximately INR 70,000 to INR 2,50,000 or more. The cost of an open cholecystectomy (traditional surgery) may range from INR 1,00,000 to INR 3,50,000 or more.

To access our platform, you can visit the official Medfin website ( Search for gallstone surgeons using the search function or navigate to the appropriate section on the website to find a list of gallstone surgeons. Medfin typically provides a comprehensive directory of qualified doctors and surgeons. You can scroll through multiple doctor profiles that include information about their qualifications, experience, areas of expertise, and patient reviews. This will help you assess their expertise in gallstones and their patient satisfaction levels.

Insurance coverage for gallstone treatment in India can vary depending on your insurance policy and the specific circumstances of your case. In general, insurance policies provide coverage for medical procedures that are considered medically necessary to treat functional issues or correct deformities caused by trauma or congenital conditions.

For gallstones, the treatment approach and coverage eligibility can depend on several factors, including the severity of symptoms, the presence of complications, and the recommendations of healthcare professionals. In cases where gallstones are causing severe pain, inflammation, infection, or other complications, insurance coverage may be more likely.

It's important to review your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider directly to understand the coverage details, limitations, and requirements for insurance coverage on gallstone treatment.

At Medfin, we are dedicated to providing cost-effective healthcare solutions to our patients . 

  • Our asset-lite model helps us reduce overhead costs, leading to potential savings for patients.
  • We offer interest-free EMI services , allowing patients to spread the cost of treatment without interest charges.
  • Patients with health insurance coverage may access discounted rates or reduced co-pay amounts through Medfin.

Our goal is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable. We provide transparent pricing and convenient payment options, ensuring that patients can save on gallstone treatment while receiving excellent care.

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