Frequently asked questions

MEDFIN is YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANT that helps you navigate through the entire surgical / diagnostic process end-to-end Starting with :

  • Connect you with experienced surgeons
  • Get a second opinion
  • Price from different hospitals
  • Get the best financing options (EMI)
  • Get a total package that includes:
    • Doctors consultation charges
    • Surgery / procedure cost
    • Admission / discharge
    • Postoperative care
    • Pharmacy needs

Every person’s requirements are UNIQUE and our expert term of surgical counsellors offer a CUSTOMIZED package that help make the entire surgical process as simple and affordable as possible.

If you or any of your family / friends have been advised to undergo a procedure, there are so many questions that pop up in you mind:

  • Who are the expert surgeons in this field ?
  • Can I get a second opinion ?
  • What is the cost of the surgery / procedure, can I get a finance option ?
  • Are there any additional charges apart from the surgery cost ?
  • Where is the best hospital to get it done ?

And many more questions that you have as you go forward in this process MEDFIN is YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANT that helps you navigate through the entire surgical / diagnostic process from DISCOVERY - to - RECOVERY

We do NOT advocate for any doctor / hospital / procedure. We help in providing as much information as possible that will help the patient make an informed decision. Based on the decision made by the patient we help in facilitating the entire process end - to - end.

Medfin always does what is right for the patient and this is the only guiding principle

Medfin selects doctors based on :

  • Experience in their respective fields
  • Specialization of the doctors
  • Educational qualifications
  • Patient's testimonial and treatment outcomes

The package prices for most surgeries are listed for each hospital. The inclusions and exclusion are listed for each hospital.

The package price generally includes:

  • Doctors consultation charges
  • Hospital admission charges
  • Operation theatre and nursing charges
  • Surgery / procedure charges (EXCEPT in case of any complications during surgery there will be additional charges on top of the package cost)
  • Any standard tests required pre-operation stage
  • Hospital stay (if any). The package prices will indicate the type of room being provided in the hospital. Prices will differ for change in room types
  • Pharmacy costs as prescribed by the doctor for the period prescribed

The package price does NOT include:

  • Any transport costs
  • Any additional tests required due to complications the patient may have like high BP, diabetes etc
  • Pharmacy costs for medications not prescribed by the doctor or in cases where medication is required beyond the prescribed period by the doctor

MEDFIN only shows those hospitals where our doctors perform procedures. The hospital packages differ based on the grade / type of hospital

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