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Yes. There are various treatment options for Enlarged Prostate of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) to be cured.

An enlarged prostate is seen as a condition that is normal with ageing men. However, if not treated on time, there are chances of urine retention in the bladder that might lead to further difficulties like bladder damage, damage to the kidney, urinary tract infections or bladder stones.

An enlarged prostate can be treated by medication or surgery. Medication might take up to six months to heal prostate growth. Surgery is a faster process but again depends on the growth and dimensions of the prostate.

Enlarged prostate depends on case to case and hence your doctor is the right person to guide you with the treatment depending on your condition. BPH can be treated with surgery or medications.

PAE is the right treatment for you if you are suffering from the symptoms common to an enlarged prostate. Also, if your prostate size is not fit for traditional surgery or you are not able to benefit from medication, PAE is the right treatment. 

The results of your tests would determine the extent of your prostate growth and the Interventional Radiologist can recommend if you can benefit from PAE.

The pre-embolization examination for the presence of a malignant neoplasm (cancer) makes PAE a wrong procedure for patients. So, despite prostate enlargement, the symptoms must qualify for a PAE surgery.

PAE procedures are carried out by Interventional Radiologists, who are specialized Surgeons. Radiologists who have undergone specialized training in doing these kinds of procedures.

For the PAE procedure, you will be required to be admitted a day before the treatment. You should not eat for at least six hours before the treatment and can only consume water.

Post PAE procedure, you should not experience any such changes in your sexual activity. However, as studies say, it is the pre-procedure medication that causes the side effects in sexual dysfunction.This will be answered by your treating doctor & Urologist.

When you are experiencing symptoms such as loss of sleep to urinate during night, inability to urinate, weak urine stream, hesitation and inability to delay urination.

No, BPH is not cancerous nor life-threatening.

Yes, there can be urinary tract infections, such as bladder stones, incontinence, blood in urine (Hematuria), urinary retention. Bladder or kidney damage can occur in rare cases.

Catheter is there in many patients to help in urination and to keep urethra open during the healing process during first few days after treatment.

BPH usually starts in men in their 30s, grows with time, and shows symptoms after 50 years of age.

Only around 15 to 20 per cent people show recurrence after TURP.

Yes, an enlarged prostate is curable. Mild symptoms are usually treated with medications while severe symptoms require surgery. 

A heart-healthy diet is best recommended to prevent enlarged prostate. Here are some tips to avoid BPH or an enlarged prostate. 

  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. 
  • Keep yourself warm. Cold climates increase your urge to urinate. 
  • Urinate when you first feel the urge to. 
  • Pelvic exercises

Banana reduces the risks of enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. It is recommended for males to intake bananas 3 times daily. 

If left untreated, an enlarged prostate can lead to urinary tract infection, kidney damage, and the inability to urinate. 

Laser surgery to treat an enlarged prostate is an advanced minimally invasive surgical procedure that is painless, scarless, and ensures faster recovery with fewer post-op risks and complications. Talk to a Medfin expert and get better insight into the enlarged prostate laser procedure. 

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