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According to various research studies, up to 10% of men or people with AMAB will suffer from balanitis during their lifetime. It is more common in uncircumcised children under the age of 4. In adults, it's common if you have diabetes.

No. Balanitis cannot resolve on its own. You require treatment according to your symptoms and cause contributing to the development of balanitis. If left untreated, balanitis can cause various complications (ulceration, urine retention, increased risk of penile cancers, etc).

It is advisable to avoid having sex while you are suffering from balanitis. Sex can cause further irritation and aggravate your symptoms (pain, soreness, itching, ulceration, etc). However, having protected sex (through condoms) may protect your skin and reduce discomfort.

Circumcision is usually not painful since the procedure is done under local anesthesia. These numbing agents numb your penis so you do not feel any pain. However, you may experience mild pain post-op, which can be easily managed through the painkillers prescribed.

Yes. Balanitis can cause erectile dysfunction ( a condition when a man cannot get or maintain the firm erection required for sexual intercourse). During an erection, the pain due to an inflamed foreskin aggravates, which may impair your erection leading to erectile dysfunction.


Yes, balanitis can be cured permanently. Antibiotics and anti-fungal creams help treat the problem depending on the underlying cause. However, this depends on how well you maintain good genital hygiene and follow preventive measures to avoid recurrence. Furthermore, circumcision is considered a type of permanent balanitis cure.


Yes, circumscribed men can get balanitis. However, the risk is greater in uncircumcised men. The cause of balanitis is not dependent on the presence or absence of the foreskin on the penis (e.g., STIs can cause balanitis even in circumscribed men).

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