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The most frequent technique to manage kyphosis is spinal fusion. Here the surgeon fastens the spinal bones together in the ideal position using metal rods and screws.

The good news is that since postural kyphosis is not structural, it can be treated effectively and even partially reversed by correcting the poor movement and postural habits that contributed to its onset.

Kyphosis can occur at any age, but it is most common in older adults, particularly those over the age of 60. This is because as we age, our bones lose density and strength, making them more susceptible to curvature and deformities. 

In kyphosis, the muscles of the upper back, neck, and shoulders may become weak or tight due to the altered posture and curvature of the spine. It may specifically affect muscles such as the trapezius, pectoralis muscles, and rhomboids.

Massage can help lessen the discomfort, increase blood flow, adjust spinal cord alignment, and enhance joint mobility, muscle lengthening, and the dissolution of adhesions. 

The length of time it takes to treat or "cure" kyphosis can vary depending on the severity of the condition, the underlying cause, and the chosen treatment approach.  Mild cases of kyphosis may respond well to non-surgical treatments and can be improved within a few months to a year. However, more severe cases may require longer-term treatment or surgery, and the recovery time can take several months or even a year.

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