Open drainage of liver abcess

What is Open drainage of liver abscess?

A liver abscess is a pus-filled mass inside the liver caused by bacteria and is also referred to as a pyogenic liver abscess (PLA).

 In the case of PLA, the pus collects in a pocket inside the liver accompanied by swelling and inflammation in the surrounding area.

 PLA can also cause pain and swelling in the abdomen. A PLA can be fatal if it is not treated promptly.

There are draining techniques that are used as curative measures in a pyogenic liver abscess.

Liver abscesses are classified according to their cause and origin

  • PLA or pyogenic liver abscess

  • ALA or amoebic liver abscess 

How is liver abscess treated?

Medicines can treat the infection to a certain extent.

An open-drain technique is one procedure in which a catheter is inserted into an incision to drain the abscess.

In cases where the abscess is big, surgery might be the only way out before the abscess bursts.

In amebic liver abscess, a medical therapy works while in pyogenic liver abscess open drain is sought through a percutaneous intervention. 

A needle or catheter drainage has opted where the surgeon works through image-guided percutaneous drainage. This procedure is used for intra-abdominal abscesses.

Open Drainage

In open surgery, open drainage is performed. An incision of 2 cm is made near the abscess and then the surgeon drains the abscess and sutures it back. 

The surgeon might also carry out a liver biopsy at the time of surgery by taking a sample of your liver tissue. This procedure is carried out to understand the health of your liver.

Post-surgery the doctor will put the patients on oral antibiotics to completely eliminate the infection.

What are Complications of pyogenic liver abscess?

  • Pyogenic abscesses are very prone to sepsis, which means severe infection.

  • System inflammation due to sepsis.

  • Drop-in blood pressure.

  • Fatalities due to late diagnosis and treatment.

  • PLA drainage could lead to spreading infection and forming newer abscesses in the nearby organs.

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