Fissure Dilatation

Fissure dilatation is a surgical treatment performed in cases of anal fissures and it is a condition in which a slit or tear occurs at the anus.

Surgery is usually recommended if a patient has a chronic anal fissure that is unable to be treated by other treatments. Fissure dilatation is performed by making a small incision in the internal sphincter muscles.

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What causes Fissure Dilatation?

One of the causes of anal fissure formation is also a tight internal anal sphincter. Fissure dilatation or sphincter dilatation is a procedure to stretch the anal sphincter in a controlled manner under general anesthesia.

This is achieved by making a small incision in the internal sphincter muscles. Once a tight sphincter is stretched, the pressure is taken off the fissure, allowing it to subsequently heal. 

The degree of stretch applied is dependent on the doctor performing the procedure and time for which the stretch will be maintained. It is generally variable amongst doctors.

Fissure Dilatation: Procedure

Fissure Dilatation procedure does provide the patient with relief from symptoms of anal fissure.

But it is a procedure which is considered only if the doctor thinks that there could be no other better option.

This is primarily because the doctor performing it should be highly skilled, otherwise the chances of complication for this procedure are high. This procedure also leads to impaired continence, if the stretch has not been carefully controlled.

In some cases, it could also lead to tearing of the internal and external sphincter muscles. 

The procedure is a simple one though, and the patient is allowed to go home the same day with instruction for care at home. The complete recovery time is about six weeks after which the patient can slowly resume their regular activities.

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