Medfin Stories : Patient testimonial for Laser Cataract surgery

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Here’s an account of Mr. Hemant Srivastav whose father Mr. Vasant Srivastav underwent a laser cataract surgery with Medfin.

How did you find Medfin?

My father started complaining of blurry and double vision couple of months ago. At first, we thought that maybe it’s just a problem of his glasses, but it started getting worse. So, I started looking for a good eye doctor in Bangalore on the Internet wherein I came across an advertisement about Medfin. I further visited their website and requested a call back. I instantly got call back from Ms. Ashwini and she explained me how Medfin works and helped book our first consultation in their clinic nearby our house.

How your doctor consultation with Medfin?

What I liked the most was that there was not much waiting time and the whole process was so comfortable for my father. Followed by a thorough eye check-up by Dr. Rajesh, my father was diagnosed with cataracts. Dr. Rajesh then advised us to go for Femto Laser Cataract Surgery.

How did the financing go?

I was concerned about the financing, to be honest. But later when I spoke again with Ms. Ashwini, she explained me how Medfin can help me in this. The insurance team of Medfin handled all my paperwork required and I got my claim approved in time. I had heard stories of my friends crying over the hassle of insurance claim with hospitals, but for me the process went total hassle-free.

How was the experience of the surgery?

The surgery went smoothly. Medfin offered me a pickup and drop service which was convenient for us. Dr. Rajesh comforted my father well and all the necessary pre-surgery procedures were well taken care of. The medical staff was very helpful and polite. My father recovered in a week after the surgery and now his eyesight has improved greatly. Medfin provides the best and affordable cataract surgery in Bangalore. Thank you Medfin.

If you want to get rid of cataract as smoothly as Mr. Vasant Srivastav, contact Medfin today!

To consult an expert Medfin doctor near you or to know more about us, please call us on 7026200200. You can also Whatsapp us on 7406557599 (click here to initiate a whatsapp chat).

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