Medfin Stories: Patient testimonial for Varicose Veins Treatment

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Mr. Arup Dutta came to us with his mother Mrs. Himani Dutta for a Varicose Veins treatment. He consulted Dr. Sunil Joshi from Medfin and his mother underwent a successful Laser treatment for Varicose Veins. Here is Mr. Arup’s account of how his experience with Medfin was.


My mother had been suffering from Varicose Veins for 35 years, post my birth. From the past 2-3 months she started feeling heaviness in the legs and was not able to stand for a longer period. We are originally from Guwahati, so we consulted a few doctors there who advised her to wear a compression stocking but also asked us to get a surgery done for better relief.

Medfin Stories: How did you come across Medfin?

My wife suggested for Varicose veins treatment in Bangalore as we stay here, and the facilities are good. Thus, began our research on the internet searching for the best varicose veins treatment in bangalore. That is how we came across Medfin. I checked their website and was impressed with the well-written articles about the condition and the required treatments. I immediately connected with them.

How was your fist consultation with Medfin?

Avilash from Medfin explained to me the entire procedure and booked our first consultation with Dr. Sunil Joshi. In the first visit itself, my mom was very happy as the doctor explained to us everything properly about the varicose veins laser surgery called as EVLA or EVLT and comforted her very well.

Medfin Stories: How was your overall experience with Medfin?

Medfin took care of the pre-assessment, pick up and drop and all the procedures required to be done before the surgery. I thank Kritika and Jiya from Medfin for helping me out. 

After the surgery, my mom is feeling a lot better, and the doctor has asked her to wear the stocking at least for 2-3 weeks and she will be fine. I am very happy with the treatment. Thank you, Dr. Sunil Joshi. Thank you Medfin.

If you want to get rid of varicose veins as easily as Mrs. Dutta? Contact Medfin today!

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