Untreated Cataract Leads to Loss of Vision? Read More!

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If you are suffering from Cataract, timely treatment is the key. Cataract develops over time, and it keeps on getting worse if left untreated. To understand the importance of why a timely cataract treatment is important let us understand how this disintegration of lens happen.

Why not leave cataracts untreated?

The lens in our eyes is mainly made of water and proteins. As we age, these proteins start to coagulate or clump together clouding the lens slowly with time. This leads to blurry and impaired vision.

Now, this is the stage when your cataract starts maturing. If you ignore it and do not seek any medical help, the cataract gets ‘hyper-mature’ over time. Hyper-maturation of cataract means that they become so dense that it becomes difficult to remove them even surgically. Even after surgery of hyper-mature cataracts, the vision may not be satisfactory.

If you still leave your cataracts untreated even further, it hugely increases the risk of glaucoma or complete loss of vision. Cataract affects the overall quality of life and hence a well-timed treatment is crucial.   

If you suffer even from a slightly blurry or foggy vision, halos around light or double vision, contact an eye doctor immediately. Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery is the most advanced and bladeless laser cataract surgery available that guarantees a painless procedure and quick recovery.

What does Medfin offer?

Medfin has the most experienced eye surgeons and fully equipped hospitals with advanced technology for laser treatment for cataract. In addition, our team will handle your surgical journey right from the diagnosis to post-surgery care along with your insurance claim and paperwork. 

To consult an expert Medfin surgeon near you or to know more about us, please call us on 7026200200. You can also Whatsapp us on 7406557599 (click here to initiate a whatsapp chat).

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