Laser Surgery For Piles (Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty)

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Piles is the phenomenon of the blood vessels in the anus becoming swollen and bulging. The swelling is commonly due to strenuous bowel movement. This irritates the veins on the walls of the anus. This condition is seen in older people and during pregnancy. Consumption of high quantity of processed food also causes piles.


Preparation is very important for the surgery to go smooth and so the results are positive and effective. The patients ready themselves by following instructions by the doctor.

  • The doctor may instruct halting of any medication, especially blood thinners.
  • There may be the carrying out of a bowel prep to clear the system of waste. This may happen through an enema or laxative.


In the case of Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty, the laser surgery for piles is a simple and a straightforward one. It is a minimally invasive method and this is an overview of the surgery:

In this technique, the general(piles) surgeon directs laser beams on the piles, making them shrink. Then s/he applies laser to burn the swollen piles. The surgeon uses a narrow beam of the laser, focusing only on hemorrhoids and preventing damage to the nearby tissues. It is an approach for the treatment of advance hemorrhoids under local, general, or spinal anesthesia.

Following are the 3-steps of this laser surgery:


As for post surgery care, the individual would be prescribed painkillers by the doctor. Basic treatments such as sitz bath (the patient is made to sit in warm water which is upto the hip and is mixed with vinegar or salt) or even applying ice for pain are recommended.

As for the patient’s lifestyle, the diet is converted to a high fibre one so as to pass stools easily without strain. This helps prevent the rectum from developing piles a second time.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Piles:

  • ​It is a day-care procedure and requires no hospitalization.
  • It is a minimally invasive bladeless technique, so expect minimal incisions, stitches, or scars after the surgery.
  • The treatment guarantees less blood loss than the conventional surgeries and ensures faster recovery.
  • You can resume your normal routine in 3-4 days.
  • This laser surgery for piles guarantees less chance of infection compared to the traditional one and ensures minimal to no recurrence rate.

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