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Medfin Stories: Patient testimonials for Piles surgery

Medfin Stories: Patient testimonials for Piles surgery
by admin
9th November 2021
3 minutes read

Here’s an account for Mr. Prakash Rathi from Hyderabad who underwent Laser treatment for piles with Medfin. Let’s read to know how his surgical experience was with Medfin and the patient testimonials:

How did you come across Medfin?

I was in much distress with this condition with a constant dull aching pain and discomfort. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly until I experienced bleeding during bowel movement. That’s when I thought of consulting a doctor. We suspected I might have something like Piles. My wife’s colleague had undergone a day care procedure through Medfin. That is how I got to know about Medfin and so I contacted them.

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How did the consultation go?

I spoke to Ms. from Medfin who explained me the process and booked my consultation with Dr. Venkat Cholleti. The clinic was well-maintained and Dr. Venkat saw us immediately. He did a clinical examination and confirmed that it was piles and advised us to go for a surgery. Explaining the procedure, he prescribed for a laser surgery for piles which is a day care procedure and requires no hospitalization.

How was your experience with payment and insurance?

Taking the doctor’s suggestion, I planned to go ahead with the surgery. However, I was a bit worried about the payment process and the time it would take for my insurance claim to get approved. But to my surprise and great relief, it went so smoothly. All thanks to Medfin. They handled all the paperwork for me and got my insurance approved on time.

How was the experience of the surgery?

My surgery was successful and went smoothly. I can’t thank enough the team of doctors and nurses who comforted me so well before the surgery and took care of all the necessary precautions post-surgery as well. I went home the same day and recovered in less than 15 days. Thank you Medfin for being there throughout.

If you feel even the slightest piles symptoms, don’t hold back from seeing a doctor. Treating piles is a day-care procedure and you can get rid of it as easily as Mr. Prakash here.

To consult an expert Medfin doctor near you or to know more about us, please call us on 7026200200. You can also Whatsapp us on 7406557599 (click here to initiate a whatsapp chat).

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