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Managing Piles
Managing Piles

A haemorrhoid which is formed inside the rectum is referred to as piles. An internal haemorrhoid is formed when the veins within the rectum swell up. They can arise because of various reasons. That being said, piles is a completely preventable disease. Following a few techniques, prevents a haemorrhoid from forming and managing piles.


Preventing piles is very easy. Prevention methods such as having a high fiber diet, regular exercise etc. helps keep this condition at bay. Some preventive measures are :


A constant strain to pass stools causes a build up of pressure in the rectal veins. Due to this pressure, the veins can swell, thus forming an internal haemorrhoid. To prevent this , a person should stick to a high fiber diet and drink plenty of fluids such that the bowel movements can take place easily and smoothly.


In the primary stages of piles, a constant itching sensation is felt in the anus. Even, if one does not have piles, constant scratching in and around the anus can cause the veins to swell up. This itching will give a momentary relief, however, it will also aggravate the situation. Therefore, avoiding to scratch the area by taking regular sitz (salt) baths can provide relief for the itch. Using soap or any chemicals to provide relief can actually have the opposite effect. These chemicals will cause the skin to dry up and worsen the condition.


Sitting in the same position for a long period of time causes the rectal veins to weaken. This causes the veins to swell up easily, thus causing haemorrhoids. Constant movement is required to prevent this condition from setting in.


Wearing a tight outfit or underwear builds up excess heat and moisture around the anal area which increases the risks of developing piles. Wearing light and cool fabric clothing helps prevent this build of heat. Hence, it is important to steer clear of tight fitting clothes.


Even though not directly related, stress is a common factor for developing haemorrhoids. Stress causes the digestive tract to malfunction, thereby giving rise to conditions such as chronic constipation. Due to this the risk of piles formation is high. Hence maintaining a stress-free lifestyle is another way to prevent it.

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