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Anal Fissure Cases On The Rise In Covid Era; Treatment is Must!

Anal Fissure Cases On The Rise In Covid Era; Treatment is Must!
by Jeevitha
7th September 2021
4 minutes read

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic began in the Chinese city of Wuhan. It has swiftly spread throughout India, with numerous positive cases and deaths reported. The major reason, the people are dying in India is because the quantity of cases has outpaced certain hospitals’ ability to treat them. Even with the finest treatment, Covid is fatal. And when there aren’t enough physicians or oxygen, individuals have resorted to self-medication and home remedies to prevent the spread.

How some home-remedies/self-medication have been impacting people’s health?

Many people began drinking kadha (a decoction of plant and herbal material. They started taking large amounts of multi-vitamins. Intake of these medicines boosts the body’s natural immunity is their belief. This may have protected them against the coronavirus, but it has undoubtedly bring them into the exposure of other illnesses, particularly gastrointestinal problems.

The Covid infection and the medications used to treat it suppress the patient’s immunity. These medication include steroids and antibiotics. This makes them vulnerable to a variety of bowel disorders in addition to other health problems

Apart from these medicines, patients also consume kadha as it is believed to cure Covid symptoms such as cold and cough. This increases the chances of constipation. Over-the-counter Vitamin and Zinc tablets administered to Covid patients may also pose a risk of bowel disorder.

As a result of excessive intake of such medicines and natural immunity boosters, the stool hardens which when is forcefully passed, tears the lining of the anus due to friction. This gives rise to the painful medical condition known as anal fissure.

Speaking to Free Press Journal, Dr. Sachin Ambekar, consultant, department of laparoscopic and minimal access surgery at Moolchand hospital, said: “Since March, I have regularly been seeing three to five OPD patients a day coming with symptoms of anal fissures and piles. On probing, patients have been found to be following home remedy treatments sent on WhatsApp groups.”

Other than antibiotics, patients overdosing on Vitamin, Zinc tablets and herbal tonics exacerbate the symptoms of an existing fissure in the long run. Patients with no history of anal fissure also show symptoms of the condition due to these medications.

“Excessive and prolonged use of ‘kadha’ can result in hyperacidity, a burning feeling, and severe stomach causing intestinal discomfort. Due to its heated intensity and mucus membrane piercing and drying properties, it may cause diarrhoea or constipation. Constipation, diarrhoea and gases may lead to fissure,” proctologist Dr Ashwin Porwal told The Times Of India.

Covid-19 and Anal Fissures

The most common symptoms of anal fissures include pain at all times during bowel movement, blood with stool almost every time, crack or patches around the anus or formation of a lump on skin around the said region.

Doctors across the country have observed that majority of people who have undergone Covid treatment in the past have reported occurrence of anal fissure.

When patients’ symptoms have a negative impact on their quality of life, treatment is required. It isn’t about how they appear; rather, it is about how large or little they are. Both medicinal and surgical treatments can help if there are symptoms. So, consult your physician before taking anything and in the meantime, if you want to know more about anal fissures, please click on the below link

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