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Anal Fissure Treatment

Anal Fissure Treatment
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17th December 2020
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What is an Anal Fissure?

‘Fissure’ is a small tear or a rip in the lining of the skin. Now, when we talk about an ‘Anal Fissure’, it is nothing but a tear in the lining of the skin around the anal opening. Fissure is non life-threatening and easily treatable and is quite common among adults and young children (ages 0-5). If you want to know more about Anal Fissure Treatment, read the following sections.

There are two types of Anal Fissures – Acute Fissure and Chronic Fissure. Acute Fissure heals itself within the time period of 4 to 6 weeks, whereas Chronic Fissure persists for 8 or more weeks.

Anal Fissure Treatment

Treatments and medications for Fissure vary depending on the type of anal fissure. Hence, it is very important to identify and understand its types. In the following sections, we have explained about different treatments for Fissures.

Treatment For Acute Fissure

We know that an acute fissure is one which heals itself in 4-6 weeks. Since it heals by itself, doctors often prescribe medications that cuts down the healing period, thereby, effectively curing Acute Anal Fissure. Some of the medications for an acute fissure are:

  • Stool Softeners: A doctor prescribes stool softeners along with fiber supplements in order to make passing of stool easier. Since the fissure is self-healing, these tablets ease the passage of stools, thus leading to fewer cuts.
  • Sitz (salt water baths) baths: If there is any irritation felt, then sitz bath might help by cleaning and relieving of any irritation if felt. It also relaxes the sphincter muscles which can spasm.
  • Cream: Applying creams such as nitroglycerin helps promote blood flow. It also decreases spasms and reduce any inflammation around the area.
  • Painkillers: Doctor might prescribe painkillers to patient if necessary.

Treatment for Chronic Fissure

These type of fissures cannot be effectively cured with just non-surgical medical treatments (tablets/creams). These fissures persist for more than 8 weeks. Hence Chronic Anal Fissure Treatment requires surgical intervention. Patients can choose from two main surgeries and they are:

  • Anal Sphincterotomy: The surgeon creates a small incision. This helps to reduce the spasms caused by an overly tight anal sphincter muscle. It also helps in healing the fissure.
  • Laser Sphincterotomy: The surgeon uses a LASER to create an incision to relax the tight anal sphincter muscles. This also heals the fissure and eventually leaves a small scar.

Post the surgery, the doctor usually prescribes OTC medicines such as tablets or creams. This helps in the complete recovery of patients.

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Advantages of Laser treatment for anal fissures over traditional surgery

Minimally Invasive
Local Anesthesia
Same-day Discharge
Post Surgical Pain Minimal Moderate – High
Recovery Quick Slow
Blood Loss Low Chances High Chances

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