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Why is Contoura LASIK treatment your Trump Card?

Why is Contoura LASIK treatment your Trump Card?
by Jeevitha
26th October 2021
2 minutes read

If you are thinking of a Contoura LASIK eye surgery, then you should know what it is all about.

Contoura LASIK is the latest and the most revolutionary technique to correct refractive errors in the eyes. It is one step ahead of the traditional LASIK vision correction treatment as it not only restructures the shape of the cornea but also corrects the visual axis of the eye which is the natural seeing axis. In simple words, it helps gain a perfect vision that allows you to see different textures, colors, motions perfectly without the need for external lenses or glasses. 


Furthermore, the treatment uses a wave light system which captures the distinctive features of your eye and maps 22,00 points on your cornea to create a complete map of your cornea. Thus, this technology is completely individualized and extremely precise. As every eye is different, so is the treatment.

lasik treatment

There are many other benefits of Contoura Vision Surgery:

  • It is the safest vision correction surgery and USFDA approved procedure. 
  • This treatment has lesser complications and guarantees faster recovery. 
  • You can go home the same day after the surgery. 
  • The 22,000-point mapping makes it precise and error free.
  • It is a bladeless and painless procedure that has an excellent track record of long-lasting results. 
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All in all, this advanced vision correction surgery is your gateway to seeing the world without any lenses. Imagine getting a perfect vision in just 6 hours. You will be walking out of the hospital independent of relying on the glasses to see what a beautiful world it is. 

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