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Procedure Name Stapler Circumcision


Surgery Type Minimally Invasive


Hospital Stay Nil (Outpatient)


Duration of Surgery 15 to 20 minutes


Type of Anaesthesia Local Anesthesia/ General Anesthesia


Full Recovery 3 weeks


Stapler circumcision (ZSR Circumcision) is an advanced, modern surgical technique to remove the foreskin of the penis (the male sex organ). Foreskin is a thin layer of skin covering the tip and head of the penis. Stapler circumcision is performed with the help of a special device known as the circular ZSR anastomotic stapler. It is safe and efficient compared to traditional circumcision surgery, with a faster recovery time. 

Stapler circumcision can be performed in male babies, adolescents, young adults, and older men. Stapler circumcision is indicated in conditions that affect the penis, like phimosis (a condition in which the foreskin of the penis cannot be retracted. This leads to painful urination and erections), balanoposthitis (inflammation of the head of the glans penis and the foreskin), cancer of the penis, etc.

What Is Stapler Circumcision?

Stapler circumcision is the surgery to remove the foreskin of the penis using a special device called the stapler. It is an outpatient procedure, which means you can go home the same day as the surgery. It is recommended for medical conditions that affect the foreskin and the penis. Men wanting to undergo circumcision due to religious beliefs can also opt for this surgery. 

The amount of foreskin to be removed is predetermined. During the procedure, the stapler is fitted over the penis. Once fired, it pulls off the foreskin in one single pull and closes the incisions with a silicone ring and non-absorbable staples. Stapler circumcision is a safe and highly efficient surgical procedure for foreskin removal. The results of the surgery are highly satisfying.

When Is Stapler Circumcision Recommended?

Stapler circumcision surgery in Pune is recommended for men suffering from any medical condition that affects the foreskin and the penis.. Here are some common indications of a stapler circumcision-

  • Phimosis: A condition in which the foreskin cannot get retracted downwards. 
  • Paraphimosis: A condition where the foreskin that has been retracted cannot be moved back to its original position.
  • Balanitis: An inflammatory condition of the glans of the penis, presenting with redness, soreness, and swelling.
  • Posthitis: An infection of the foreskin, making it red, painful, and extremely tender.
  • Balanoposthitis: Infection and inflammation of the foreskin and the glans is seen in this condition.
  • Lichen sclerosis: An inflammatory condition that affects the glans and the foreskin, creating white patches on them.
  • Repeated infections: Recurrent yeast infections and urinary tract infections can cause damage to the foreskin and lead to complications.
  • Preventing STDs: Sexually transmitted diseases like Syphilis, Genital Herpes, Genital ulcers, etc., can be mostly prevented by circumcision.
  • Trauma: Injuries to the penis for any reason may require foreskin removal to prevent scarring.
  • Non-medical reasons: Circumcision may be performed in male babies, young boys, and men as part of religious and cultural beliefs.

How To Prepare For A Stapler Circumcision?

A stapler circumcision surgery in Pune is done to remove the foreskin of your penis. It is an outpatient procedure done under local or general anesthesia. Here is how you can prepare for the procedure:

Before Surgery:

  • Discuss your medical history with your surgeon and inform about:
    • All the medications that you are currently taking for your health conditions
    • Any dietary supplements and herbs that you are taking
    • Allergies towards medicines.
  • You can ask your surgeon to explain the procedure's details, outcome, and prognosis. You will be asked to sign an informed consent form agreeing to proceed with the surgery.
  • You will be asked to stop medications like blood thinners (to prevent excessive bleeding during and after surgery) a week before surgery.
  • You will be advised to take certain tests. These are tests done to diagnose the medical condition for which stapler circumcision surgery is recommended:
    • Complete blood count- To check your overall health
    • Urinalysis-To check for bacterial and fungal infections in the urine.
    • Tissue culture- The discharge or pus from the foreskin is studied for the presence of infection
  • You will be asked to fast for at least 12 hours before the surgery.
  • Since you can go home the same day as the surgery, you will be asked to arrange for a friend or relative to drive you home afterward.
  • Arrange for time off as you cannot return to work for at least a few days.

How Is Stapler Circumcision Performed?

Circumcision surgery in Pune is done under local or general anesthesia. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the surgery to get completed. The surgical procedure remains the same for infants and adults. If your condition is stable after the surgery, you can go home.

During Surgery:

  • You will be administered anesthesia as discussed with your surgeon before the procedure. In infants under one year of age, anesthesia is usually avoided.
  • Once sedated the surgical area, i.e., the penis, is disinfected. An incision is then made to enable the surgeon to fix the stapler.
  • The surgeon now fixes the stapler. This is a crucial step. If the stapler has not been fixed properly, it may lead to tearing of the foreskin, incomplete removal of the foreskin and the blades may end up injuring the glans.
  • Next, the surgeon fires the stapler. This causes the foreskin to be removed in one quick motion. Simultaneously, the incisions are closed with a silicone ring and non-absorbable staples. The stapler will be held in place for 3 minutes after firing. This ensures complete removal of the foreskin as well as compression of the blood vessels.
  • The device is then unscrewed and removed. The penis is cleaned and dressed using a compression bandage.
  • You will then be moved to a recovery room for observation.

What To Expect After A Stapler Circumcision?

A stapler circumcision surgery in Pune takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Once the surgery is done, you will be moved to a recovery room.

After Surgery:

  • After the surgery, you will be wheeled into the recovery room. Your vitals, like your pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and blood pressure, will be monitored.
  • The tip of your penis may look sore. There will be some swelling and pain after the procedure.
  • There may be yellow-colored discharge from the tip of the penis.
  • You will be prescribed painkillers to manage the pain.
  • Detailed instructions on caring for the penis at home will be given.
  • You will be allowed to go home when your vitals are stable, and the effects of the anesthesia have worn off.
  • You must visit your surgeon 2 weeks after the procedure for a follow-up. During the follow-up, your surgeon will inspect the penis for signs of infection and bleeding. If all is well, the wound is left open to heal. The surgical staples and the silicone ring will fall off on their own after 10 to 14 days.

At Home:

  • You will need to rest completely for the first couple of days. Recovery from this surgery can take up to 2 to 3 weeks. Babies recover faster than adult men. The silicone ring and staples also fall off earlier in babies, around the 5th to 7th day of surgery, while in adults, they fall off around the 10th to 14th day.
  •  Here is what you can do to speed up the recovery process-
    • Follow all the instructions given to you on discharge.
    • Take the prescribed medications regularly.
    • Avoid any form of pressure on the penis.
    • Avoid washing the penis till it has healed completely. Make sure the area is dried well after every act of urination.
    • In babies, make sure the diaper is loosely fastened. Change the diapers frequently to avoid moisture-induced infection. Avoid using talcum powders in the penile area.
    • Make sure you drink adequate amounts of water and stay well-hydrated. In the case of babies, feed the baby well so that he stays hydrated.
    • Wear loose-fitting underwear. 
    • Avoid sexual activities for 5 to 7 weeks till the wound heals completely.
    • Avoid strenuous activities like cycling, climbing stairs, and exercising for 2 to 3 weeks.
    • Complete recovery takes up to 3 weeks.

What Are The Benefits & Risks of Stapler Circumcision?

Circumcision is indicated for several medical and non-medical reasons. As with all surgeries, stapler circumcision comes with its risks and benefits. However, the benefits of stapler circumcision far outweigh the risks.


  • Quick surgery- The entire procedure is done in 15 to 20 minutes
  • Minimal blood loss and injury to the tissues
  • Fewer postoperative complications
  • Faster recovery compared to traditional surgery


  • Bleeding from the operated site
  • Infection of the wound
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Residual staples- The staples and the silicone ring usually fall off around the 10th to 14th day of the surgery. You will require medical help if they fail to fall.
  • Wound dehiscence- Sometimes, the wound edges fail to close with the help of the staplers. The surgeon will then have to close them with sutures.

Why Choose Medfin?

Surgery can be a daunting aspect, and feeling anxious is absolutely normal. The massive amount of information you can get from the internet may confuse you even more. This is where Medfin can help. Leave us the hefty task of finding the best hospital, the finest doctor, and the latest procedure at the lowest cost. Let us take charge while you sit back and focus on your health and recovery. Think surgery! Think Medfin

Frequently Asked Questions

Medfin offers the latest surgical procedures to ensure that you recover as fast as possible in the least painful way possible.

There will be pain and discomfort for a couple of days after surgery. This is normal and expected. You will be prescribed medicines to manage the pain. For babies and young kids, the surgeon may prescribe pain-relief ointments.

Stapler circumcision surgery is safe and efficient for all age groups. It is particularly safe for babies as the foreskin can be removed in a single procedure, and they will not be subjected to excessive pain.

It is advisable to refrain from sexual activities for 5 to 7 weeks until the wounds have healed fully. Stapler circumcision does not affect your ability to get an erection, your performance, or your capacity to have kids.

Stapler circumcision is an extremely safe surgery. It can be done even when the foreskin is infected, and blood and pus ooze out from it..

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