Endopyelotomy is an endoscopic surgery for the enlargement of the junction of the renal pelvis with the ureter, which facilitates the transport of urine from the kidney to the bladder.

This procedure (endopyelotomy) aims to widen the renal pelvis by inserting small instruments either up through the urinary tract or down through the skin and into the kidney.

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What is Endopyelotomy Surgery?

Endo refers to the usage of scope during the procedure. No incision is made on any part of the body. Pyelo refers to the center part of the kidney or kidney pelvis where the uterus is starting. Tomy which means to cut.

Once the kidney produces urine, it is drained to the collecting system that is in the center part of the kidney. 

The central part known as the renal pelvis is formed when individual passageways of the collecting system are combined or come together. The renal pelvic into the ureter will funnel the urine.

In case of any issues with a ureter or kidney, a small telescope is inserted through the urethra further passing to the bladder and the ureter to examine the condition.

 Another process to check is by creating a tiny hole in the back region of the kidney. This is referred to as percutaneous access to the kidney or ureter.

How do you prepare for the surgery?

  • Some fasting instructions will be given to you. You must eat and drink accordingly.

  • You will be allowed to brush your teeth but water swallowing must be avoided.

  • You must communicate any on-going medications, supplement consumption, and allergic reactions to your doctor before the surgery.

  • To get successful results, a detailed discussion with your doctor is recommended.

What are the Procedure for Endopyelotomy Surgery?

  • Generally, the entire process can be complete within one hour. It will depend on the type of procedure and the severity of the condition.

  • General anesthesia will be given to avoid any pain or discomfort.

  • Once the procedure is completed, you will be staying in the recovery room till your discharge.

  • Post-treatment observing some minor leakage is normal. In some cases, dressings may be needed.

  • For a quick and successful recovery, follow all the guidelines given by the doctor properly.

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