In the case of healthy newborns, circumcision is not mandatory. However, the family may decide on this process due to various reasons.

One of the most common reasons to perform circumcision is a religious tradition. This is generally observed in Judaism and Islam religion. Other reasons may include,

·       Preference for aesthetic 

·       Personal choice

·       To reduce or lower the risk of certain conditions 

Ideally, circumcision is performed while the newborns are in the hospital. Various trained practitioners such as obstetricians and pediatricians may conduct this surgery.

A consent form is to be signed before performing the process.

For adults and older children, this procedure is generally conducted in the surgery center or the hospital on an outpatient basis. Meaning you might get discharged on the same day. Consent is signed here as well.

Generally, circumcision is performed by an obstetrician, pediatrician, surgeon, family medicine doctor, or urologist. In the case of religious tradition, it is performed by other people who are trained in the procedure.

During the circumcision of a newborn, your son will be laid back by securing his legs and arms. For numbing the penis anesthesia is provided via cream or injection. A plastic ring or special clamp is then attached to the penis, and the removal of the foreskin takes place.

In the next stage, the penis will be covered by applying ointment like petroleum jelly or topical antibiotic and it will be wrapped lightly with gauze. This procedure usually takes 10 minutes.

In older children and adults the same method is used. However, it is carried out under general anesthesia. Recovery might be longer compared to the newborns. Also, complications of risks will be higher.

Generally, healing in the newborns after circumcision takes at least 7 to 10 days. Your doctor will guide you regarding the reduction of discomfort in your baby.

Slight red or bruised penis is normal after the surgery. You will be allowed to wash the penis and alter the dressing with each diaper change. For healing the penis tip you must keep the diaper loose.

In case of following observations post the surgery, consult your child’s doctor immediately,

·       Repetitive fussiness in newborns

·       Increase in pain (in children)

·       Difficulty with urination

·       Fever

·       Foul-smelling elimination of drainage

·       Increased swelling or redness

·       Continuous bleeding

Recovery in adults

Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for your incision and reduce pain in the treated area.

  • To reduce the pain, your doctor will give you instructions and some medications.

  • You can resume your daily activities once you feel comfortable. 

  • Avoid exercise that gives strain such as weight lifting and jogging for at least 4 weeks of post-surgery.

  • Walking will be the best exercise during your recovery phase.

  • Avoid sexual activities for approximately six weeks after the surgery completion. Follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

Consult your doctor if you are observing any of the following,

·       Increase in pain

·       Difficulty urinating

·       Bleeding

·       Certain signs of infection, including fever, swelling, drainage, or increased redness

Circumcision  may have some health benefits, including:

Easier hygiene. Circumcision will make it simpler to wash the penis. However, boys who have uncircumcised penises can be taught to wash their penis regularly beneath their foreskin.

Reduced risk of UTIs (urinary tract infections). 

UTIs risk in men is generally lower, but these symptoms are more observed in uncircumcised boys or males. Some severe infections can result in kidney issues later.

Reduced risk of sexually transmitted infections. 

The men who are circumcised will have a lower risk of some sexually transmitted infections, which also include HIV. However, practicing safe sex is advisable.

Prevention of certain penile problems. 

An uncircumcised penis can lead to foreskin inflammation or inflammation of the penis head. This is because the retraction of the foreskin is difficult or impossible.

Reduced risk of penile cancer. 

Generally, penile cancer is a rare condition. However, in circumcised men, the risk of cervical cancer is less.

It is not appropriate if you are having certain blood clotting disorders. Besides, it is not recommended in premature babies or newborns with penis abnormalities.

No, circumcision does not affect or impact your fertility. Also, there is no decrease or enhancement of sexual pleasure for men and their partners.

The most common complications or risks associated with circumcision are pain, bleeding, and infection. Allergic reactions to anesthesia are possible as well.

In rare cases, the following conditions may be observed 

·       An inappropriate cut of the foreskin

·       Failure in foreskin healing

·       The remaining foreskin might require a minor surgical repair for reattachment

It may reduce the risk of penile cancer, which is, however, very rare, only caused due to poor personal hygiene and smoking.

People suffering from Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Balanoposthitis and tight frenulum are usually recommended to get a circumcision done.

It may reduce the risk of HIV infection.

It is a relatively safe procedure and severe complications are rare.

Restoration can be done with or without surgery, however, the connective tissues cut during circumcision may not be restored.

No. It does not affect the testicles or prostate that help in generating the semen.

No, there is no age bar for circumcision.

Yes, it does have an effect, it will only make it better by removing the pain the torn/swollen foreskin is causing you now.

A frenulum is connection between the foreskin and the penis on the underside of penis. Whenever the frenulum is tight, it creates resistance during an erection and causes pain.

No, it never will.

The penis remains clean and hygienic preventing STDs. It cures you from all condition such as phimosis, balanitis, etc.

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Ensure to carry all your past records such as blood tests, medical prescriptions, scans etc. If you are coming to see the doctor to finalise your surgery, do remember to carry your photo ID and insurance card (if available).

In the unlikely scenario where you may feel that the doctor has not spent enough time with you or are not satisfied with the consultation for other reasons, we will offer you a free consultation with one of our other doctors.

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Medfin has 10+ consultation centers. These consultation centers may be stand alone Medfin centers or partner centers. Medfin’s doctors consult at multiple locations so that you do not have to travel far to meet a doctor. You can click on the doctor tab and find doctors who consult at a location near you. Alternatively, you can also call us on 7026200200 and our representative will help you find a center close to you.

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Medfin has partnered with top hospitals in medical facilities in your city. Based on the payment mode, we will give you a list of medical facilities where your surgery can be performed. If you are paying directly, then you may choose from our entire network of hospitals. However, if you are going through insurance, then we will help you with the list of our partner hospitals that accept your insurance.

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All Medfin’s doctors are trained in the latest, international standards of medical care. We work with doctors with a minimum of 9 years of surgical experience. All doctors are Medfin verified and are the best of the bunch with stellar reputation. We do not work with doctors who are just starting their careers. These doctors do not work exclusively with Medfin, but provide slots exclusively for Medfin patients. Costs of consultation and that of surgery/treatment are however, exclusive to Medfin and can be availed through Medfin only.

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