Bipolar cautery vaporization (Button TURP)

What is Bipolar cautery vaporization or button TURP?

This is a surgical procedure performed to treat BPH that is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. BPH condition is a common disorder in older men. 

It is the enlargement of the prostate which causes many side effects. It affects approximately 50 percent of men in their 50s. By the time of reaching 70s, BPH can affect as many as 90 percent.

In BPH condition, the swollen prostate blocks urine flow by pressing the urethra. The common symptom of this disorder is to urinate often that is every 1-2 hours, especially at night.

Though BPH is not cancer, if this condition is left untreated then it can result in problems such as urinary tract infections, blood in urine or kidney damage, kidney or bladder stones.

What is Pre treatment for Bipolar cautery vaporization or button TURP?

  • Physical examination, blood tests, and medical history will be checked before the treatment.
  • Some fasting instructions that are asked by your surgeon must be followed before the surgery.
  • Avoid smoking or tobacco consumption a few days before the surgery. Communicate all the factors such as ongoing medications, the recovery process, and complications associated with your surgeon before undergoing this treatment.
  • Inform your doctor if you have any allergic reactions to medicines, latex, tape, iodine, anesthesia, or contrast dyes.

What is Process for Bipolar cautery vaporization or button TURP?

Button TURP is also known as Bipolar Cautery Vaporization. It is a new minimally invasive technique for treating BPH. Jewelry and other objects are taken off before the surgery. Also, you are told to empty the bladder.

This process is performed under general anesthesia and your legs are placed in stirrups during surgery. Blood oxygen, breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate are monitored. For making the breathing process smooth a tube is placed into the lungs via the throat.

An endoscope is used to inspect the urethra and bladder by passing it through the tip of the penis. This will allow the surgeon to identify any stones or tumors in the bladder.

Instead of using a wire loop as in the traditional TURP method, here a small button-shaped device is used at the end of the scope for vaporizing the prostate tissue. 

Besides, heat or electrical energy is not used. It uses low-temperature plasma energy during the procedure. Once the affected tissue is eliminated, the surrounding area is sealed to prevent blood loss. Resectoscopes may be used to remove the enlarged tissue. To drain urine catheter is inserted into your bladder.

Bipolar or button TURP is used as an umbrella term for other different techniques that desire to achieve a similar outcome with another procedure, tool, or device manufacturer.

Any process that is involving an electrode button with bipolar vaporization is referred to as a button procedure. Advancements and innovations in this process include small changes in surgical technique or the shape of the button.

What is Post treatment care for Bipolar cautery vaporization or button TURP?

  • You will be required to stay at the hospital for 2-3 days post-surgery.

  • Pain medications will be provided to you through IV.

  • A catheter will be placed for two to three days for urine drainage till your prostate gland is healing.

  • A doctor will suggest to you the follow-up appointments and instructions that must be followed at home.

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