Generally, it is one to two hours of the process. And the average stay in hospital is 24-48 hours after the surgery.

When completely recovered, the majority of patients with artificial shoulders can resume their daily routine activities without any issues. But you should take care of certain activities that could affect the lasting and performance of your artificial shoulder. 

The best rule of thumb is that your routine physical activities must not cause you pain, which also includes the after pain. You must also not push your joint to its most extreme motion range. for example, if you are planning to do any of the following activities then you should consult with your physician first,

  • Any activity that involves pushing or lifting heavy objects.

  • Any activity due to which extreme stress is placed on your shoulder joint.

  • Hammering and other such forceful shoulder or arm movements.

  • Boxing and other sports that impact the arm or shoulder.

The main goal of joint replacement surgery is to help in restoring a pain-free or near pain-free joint movement. Activities that are difficult to perform before the surgery can be resumed slowly and gradually after total joint replacement surgery.

Generally, the total shoulder joint implant's longevity and performance vary from person to person. All the inserted implants have a limited life expectancy that depends on various factors such as an individual's weight, age, medical condition, and activity level. 

It is necessary to understand that an implant or replacement is a medical device subjected to wear, which might result in mechanical failure. Following all of your surgeon's guidance and recommendations after the surgery are the best option to enhance the longevity of the implants, there is no guarantee for a specific time that your particular implant will last.

Yes, Implants do fail in rare cases. Since they are mechanical devices, subjected to certain conditions that result in their mechanical failure. The most common reason for this is the loosening of implant or implant wear and tear that causes loosening. 

Implant wear and tear particles can react with the bone which results in bone thinning leading to a loose implant. In most cases, failed implants can be replaced successfully to provide better results.

Age is not a major concern if you have good health and have the desire to continue living an active and productive life.

Some patients are not good fits for shoulder joint replacement surgery. These include,

  • Patients having some active body infections.

  • Symptoms that are not significantly disabling.

  • A patient experiencing loss or paralysis of deltoid muscles and both rotator cuff.

  • The patient having a progressive nervous system disease that has affected the joint (it is evaluated on a case-to-case basis).

This surgery is recommended in Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis if they are unable to be cured by conservative treatments such as medications, physical therapy, or injections. If you observe the following symptoms, then Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery is recommended.

  • Severe or moderate pain while resting.

  • Loss of motion and weakness.

  • Severe shoulder pain due to which daily routines activities are restricted.

There are some common risks or complications associated with this surgery,

  • Bleeding around the joint

  • Wound Infection

  • Dislocation of the implants that will require additional surgery

  • Nerve damage

  • Allergic reactions to anaesthesia such as nausea, vomiting, or dizziness

  • Pulmonary embolism

  • Wear and tear of the prosthesis used

  • Severe pain

To book an appointment you can either call us and our team will help you book an appointment based on your location. Alternatively, you can view our doctors across the city, choose a date and time of your convenience and book an appointment.

At Medfin, we offer you an exclusive pricing of Rs. 299. This also includes registration. We do not charge extra for registration of a new patient.

You will be assigned a Medfin assistant who will complete the required registration and paperwork before you arrive. Once you are at the consultation center, your Medfin assistant will guide you to the doctor. Once you are done, and you may need a diagnostic procedure to be performed, your Medfin assistant will help you find the closest and most affordable center to get it done.

Ensure to carry all your past records such as blood tests, medical prescriptions, scans etc. If you are coming to see the doctor to finalise your surgery, do remember to carry your photo ID and insurance card (if available).

In the unlikely scenario where you may feel that the doctor has not spent enough time with you or are not satisfied with the consultation for other reasons, we will offer you a free consultation with one of our other doctors.

Yes, you can pay your consultation fee at the consultation center.

Medfin has 10+ consultation centers. These consultation centers may be stand alone Medfin centers or partner centers. Medfin’s doctors consult at multiple locations so that you do not have to travel far to meet a doctor. You can click on the doctor tab and find doctors who consult at a location near you. Alternatively, you can also call us on 7026200200 and our representative will help you find a center close to you.

We can organise a second appointment with another Medfin specialist free of cost.

Yes, the doctor that you have consulted will be the one performing your surgery.

Medfin has partnered with top hospitals in medical facilities in your city. Based on the payment mode, we will give you a list of medical facilities where your surgery can be performed. If you are paying directly, then you may choose from our entire network of hospitals. However, if you are going through insurance, then we will help you with the list of our partner hospitals that accept your insurance.

Yes, we will offer you free transportation that will pick you up from your home on the day of admission and drop you back once you get discharged.

All Medfin’s doctors are trained in the latest, international standards of medical care. We work with doctors with a minimum of 9 years of surgical experience. All doctors are Medfin verified and are the best of the bunch with stellar reputation. We do not work with doctors who are just starting their careers. These doctors do not work exclusively with Medfin, but provide slots exclusively for Medfin patients. Costs of consultation and that of surgery/treatment are however, exclusive to Medfin and can be availed through Medfin only.

You may notice that the costs for certain surgeries are 50% - 60% lower on direct payment through Medfin when compared to the cost of the same surgery outside. This is because of Medfin’s asset light business model which helps bring down the cost without compromising on quality. Our asset light model means that we partner with top surgeons and hospitals, but we do not have to pay for these assets full time, but only when you require surgery. You are assured of top doctors practicing at top hospitals who will perform your surgery at our partner hospitals which are also some of the most technologically advanced medical facilities.

We understand that this may be a difficult time and we will do everything we can to ensure that it is as hassle free as possible. If you decide to continue with Medfin, here is how we can help:

  • Cross verify the suggested procedure: Based on your reports and medical condition, Medfin can tell you if there are alternative, advanced day-care procedures. We can also set up an appointment with our specialist doctor to check your eligibility for the same.
  • Work out the lowest fixed price package: If you opt for direct payment, then may be able to choose from our list of partner hospitals based on your budget. We will find you the right hospital based on your budget. Irrespective of the hospital, the surgeon you consulted will be the one performing your surgery.
  • Find you the right hospital: If you opt to use your insurance for the procedure, then our team will help you process the same and give you a list of partner hospitals where your surgery can be performed. Please note that irrespective of the hospital, the surgeon you consulted will be the one performing your surgery.
  • Personal Medfin assistant: At the hospital during the time of you surgery, you will have access to a Medfin assistant who will help your family with required paperwork and other surgery related work.

At Medfin we accept all insurances. You can even check your insurance coverage here. Alternatively you may speak to one of our representatives who will help you.

Medfin will offer you assistance with processing of your insurance. We will collect the required documents and liaison with the hospital and insurance company to get it processed.

If you wish to exercise the reimbursement option of your insurance policy, then our team will help you by filing the reimbursement on your behalf.

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