Total Shoulder Joint Replacement

Total Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

Total shoulder joint replacement is a procedure for treating shoulder joints dysfunction.

Total shoulder replacement is a highly effective and successful treatment to lower pain and restore strength in patients with shoulder conditions due to arthritis. 

Besides, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, trauma-related arthritis, and rotator cuff arthropathy are the most common reasons for creating shoulder joint destruction. 

This procedure is also helpful in a severe shoulder fracture.

Total shoulder joint replacement is also called Total Shoulder Joint Arthroplasty, which involves the removal of shoulder joint portions, which are replaced with some artificial implants that decrease pain, restore a range of mobility and rotation. 

This process has proven successful in treating severe stiffness and pain. It helps in restoring motion, reducing discomfort, improving the function and strength of the shoulder.

After one year of the surgery, approximately 95% of patients have a pain-free shoulder function. 

The majority of the patients can resume their activities such as playing tennis or golf, yoga, swimming, doing pilates, and any other physical activity they previously avoided due to pain in the shoulder. 

This surgery has had 90% success rates over the last 17 years with implant survival.




Total Shoulder Joint Replacement: Pre-Surgery events

  • Before taking this treatment, surgeons will conduct a physical examination, medical examination, and X-rays or other imaging tests to have a look at the exact joint condition.

  • Inform your doctor about any other allergic conditions you have and any ongoing medications you consume. You will have to stop consuming certain drugs, especially narcotic painkillers, a few weeks before the surgery.

  • You might have to avoid drinking alcohol. Smoking is also not advisable before the surgery. Scientists have found that people who smoke are more likely to have complications from joint replacement surgery compared to those who don't smoke.

  • Don't eat or drink anything in the late evening or the night before your surgery.

Total Shoulder Joint Replacement: Surgery Procedures

In this procedure, either general or regional anesthesia is given to the patient. 

An incision is then created above the affected shoulder and muscle beneath it to separate the shoulder joint. 

If open surgery is performed then the incision made is usually large. While in minimally invasive approaches such as arthroscopy, small incisions are made. Surgical instruments and a camera are then inserted to access the joint area.

The humerus and glenoid socket are then separated. The damaged bone is cut and eliminated. A metal ball is then fixed with a humerus top.

Patients having Osteoarthritis, will require bone cement to fix the humeral component or implant. An arthritic socket is now prepared. In the shoulder bone, the plastic glenoid component is fixed.

In the final stage, incisions are sealed or stitched after the artificial implantation is done.

Total Shoulder Joint Replacement:Post-surgery recovery

After the surgery, you will be under observation for about two to five days.

  • Pain and swelling in the treated area are common which can be reduced with the help of painkiller medications. Also, cold compressing will be recommended to control the swelling.

  • You will have to wear a brace after the surgery to avoid movement. Physical therapy will be started from the next day of surgery. Home exercises for improving arm working will be taught to you.

  • Till the first four weeks, you must not lift anything heavier.

  • You can expect to perform the gentle activities immediately after your surgery.

  • Complete recovery time for shoulder Arthroplasty is one to two years. A physical therapy program is required for improving movements and muscle strength. Gentle exercises and stretching will be taught in the initial phase of rehabilitation.

  • It is important to measure progress during different stages of rehabilitation.

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