Tennis Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow?

Pain, swelling, and discomfort in your elbow are called Tennis Elbow. This condition is a result of damaged arm tendons that connect muscles to your elbow bone. 

As the name mentions itself, tennis elbow is more common in the people who play tennis. Besides, repetitive elbow movements while performing certain activities can also give rise to this injury.

If the pain worsens over time and you are not able to perform even a simple activity like lifting a cup, then the doctor will recommend surgery.

What are the Pre surgery steps for Tennis Elbow?

Certain precautions must be followed strictly before undergoing this surgery.

Generally, surgeons will ask you not to eat or drink anything in the late evening or the night before the surgery.

Smoking before the surgery is also prohibited as it slows down the recovery time. Consumption of medications such as NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is prohibited before the surgery. These medicines can increase bleeding and slow wound healing.

How the surgery procedures are performed?

In this procedure, the injured tendon is removed to reduce the pain that helps in improving the motion of your elbow.

This surgery or treatment can be performed in two ways,

  • Open Surgery 

  • Arthroscopy 

Anesthesia is given before the surgery depending on the current injury, the health of the patient, and various other factors.

Open Surgery

An incision is made above the lateral epicondyle, the bone that is located on the elbow side. The extensor tendon which under soft tissues is revealed by gently moving tissues aside.

Then, the affected tendon piece is removed and the healthy part is attached back to the bone. In some cases, surgeons may remove small pieces of the elbow bone to improve healing and blood circulation in the area.

Arthroscopic Surgery 

This is different from open surgery as the incisions are minimal. During this treatment, very small and few incisions are made on the elbow skin. 

The surgery is further carried out by inserting a small camera and surgical instruments to remove the injured tendon part from your elbow. The cuts are closed with stitches followed by a dressing. If you feel ready, you can get discharged the same day after surgery.

Ultrasonic Tenotomy

Also known as the TENEX procedure. In this treatment, a special needle is inserted into the damaged area of the tendon through the skin. 

This process is carried out under ultrasound guidance. Due to ultrasonic energy, vibration is produced in the needle which liquefies the tissue that can be suctioned out easily.

What are the Post surgery care to be taken?

If the condition is caused due to playing tennis, then the expert surgeon will evaluate your tennis playing technique in detail. 

After examining the movements involved in your job, the best solution or another technique is recommended to reduce stress in your injured elbow.

Recovery condition

After surgery, sling or splint wearing is a must for about a week. This will help in keeping the elbow still and improve recovery.

Soreness is felt in the elbow for the first few weeks after the surgery. 

Once sling is removed, stretching exercises are advised to improve flexibility and elbow movements.

Elbow strengthening exercises can be done after 3 weeks of the surgery. You can take the help of a physiotherapist.

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