Spine surgery for Scoliosis

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an unusual sideways curvature of the spine. The curve developed on the spine could be single, that is shaped like the letter 'C' or it can also be two curves shaped like the letter 'S'.

What is spine surgery for scoliosis?

Initially, the changes in the shape of the spine are unnoticed but gradually become visible. Severe and complicated scoliosis generally develops with time. 

So your doctor may advise spine surgery for scoliosis to prevent the worst condition and reduce the severity of the spinal curve.

In case scoliosis is increasing quickly at a young age, surgeons recommend installing a rod that is adjustable in length. 

This growing rod is generally extended every six months and is attached to the top and bottom level of the curvature.

Today, with the help of advanced technology expert surgeons can treat this condition significantly.

What is the Pre-treatment of spine surgery for scoliosis?

It is advisable to conduct a pre-evaluation process like checking medical history, allergic reactions, or any on-going medications before taking this treatment. 

What is the Procedures of spine surgery for scoliosis?

Spine fusion surgery

Spinal fusion is one of the most common types of scoliosis surgery. In this procedure, two or more spine bones (vertebrae) are connected to form a single solid bone. This will result in preventing the growth in the abnormal segments. 

Bone-like material or bone graft is fused in between the vertebrae. Hooks, screws, metal rods, or wires are ideally used to hold the spine bones still and straight during the fusion process.

This treatment is being proven to cure the scoliosis condition safely and effectively. And the disadvantage is a loss in the mobility of fused vertebrae with time, which limits spine twisting and bending. 

Growing systems to delay fusion surgery

This procedure is the best alternative to delay spine fusion surgery, especially in children. In this method, rods are placed in the spine to align the curvature while the child grows. 

These are adjustable rods that are extended every 6 to 12 months as per the growth of the spine. Once skeletal maturity is achieved the patient will get a spinal fusion.

Spinal fusion is not advisable at a very young age, to be specific less than 12 years for boys and less than 10 years for girls. 

As it impacts the development of lungs in a child. In addition, it gives an unusual appearance with short trunks when compared to limbs. Thus, growing systems are the best replacement for fusion.

Fusionless surgery

In this procedure, constant external pressure is given on curvature bones to make them denser and slower the growth from the outer side of the developed curvature. 

Recent fusionless surgery approaches apply growth modulation to the spine. This is similar to the methods that have also been used for many years now to unequal leg heights in a growing child.

The surgeon aims to stop the growth of the spinal curve from the outer side while the inner growth continues. This results in a reduction of the lateral curvature because the spine grows straighter.

One of the fusionless methods is by using a vertebral tethering system. In this treatment, screws are placed on the curve's outer side and then pulled hard with a cord to straighten the spine.

Benefits of fusionless treatment include,

  • Retains spinal mobility

  • Less invasive process

  • Lower risk of infection

  • Less blood loss

What is the Post-treatment of spine surgery for scoliosis?

Spinal fusion surgery to treat scoliosis is considered a major medical treatment as the recovery time is significantly more. In some cases, it may even take 6-12 months for complete recovery.

Pain and discomfort after the procedure vary from patient to patient. The pain reduces gradually and teenagers can join the school by 4-6 weeks after the treatment.

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