Cervical Discectomy

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) is a surgery to remove a herniated or degenerative disc in the neck. An incision is made in the throat area to reach and remove the disc. A graft is inserted to fuse together the bones above and below the disc. 

ACDF surgery may be an option if physical therapy or medications fail to relieve your neck or arm pain caused by pinched nerves. Patients typically go home the same day.

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What are the conditions of Cervical Discectomy?

  • A weakened or injured disk in the spine

  • Bone spurs on the vertebrae that squeeze the nerves. The pinching of the nerves makes the arms or legs feel weak and/or numb. Removing the bone spurs is achieved by this surgery.

  • Slipped disk or a herniated disk too is treated.

How the surgery is performed ?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia; therefore, the patient will be unconscious throughout the surgery.

 Once anesthetized, the following is a brief of the stages in which the doctor performs the surgery:

  • A small incision is made on the neck, on the front side. 

The doctor positions the esophagus (food pipe), blood vessels, and trachea (windpipe) aside for the duration of the surgery. This is to attain a clear view to operate on the vertebrae. 

The doctor may have taken the X-ray or MRI scan before the procedure or may take it during the surgery, to identify the distressed vertebrae, discs, or nerves in that area. 

The bone spurs or damaged disks, which are posing pressure on the nerve and responsible for pain are removed using surgical tools. This step of the surgery is referred to as discectomy.

  • In the next step, the doctor harvests a piece of bone from the peripheral bone in the neck (autograft) or from a donor (allograft) or even synthetic material to replace the removed section of the bone. This step is referred to as bone fusion. 

The region of the two vertebrae where the disk was removed is now held in position by plates and screws made of Titanium.

 The esophagus, trachea, and blood vessels are put back in their original positions. The incision made on the neck is sutured. 

What is Cervical Discectomy?

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) surgeries are performed when there is a bone spur in the neck, or a damaged disk is to be removed. 

What are the Post surgery procedures ?

The patient after the surgery is shifted to the recovery room for the anesthesia to wear off. Here the blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing are monitored.

The patient is helped to sit up on the bed and gradually walk around in the room until confident and comfortable. 

The doctor again evaluates the condition of the patient, if stable, then discharges the patient with prescriptions for medication to manage pain as also for bowel management. 

The pain medication is known to cause constipation, which can discomfort the patient.

If there is any trouble breathing or the heart parameters have not normalized, the doctor may retain the patient overnight.

The follow-up session with the doctor is generally scheduled for about two weeks of the surgery. The patient can resume daily activities in about four to six weeks of the surgery. 

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