Achilles tendon repair open

Achilles tendon repair surgery is a type of surgery to fix a damaged Achilles tendon.

The Achilles tendon is a strong, fibrous cord in the lower leg. It connects the muscles of your calf to your heel. It’s the largest tendon in your body. It helps you walk, run, and jump.

During the surgery, an incision is made in the back of the calf. If the tendon is ruptured, the surgeon will stitch the tendon back together

What is Achilles tendon repair open?

The Achilles is a tendon which connects the calf muscles to the heel. 

The tendon is sheathed with a thin tissue layer that makes it possible to contract and stretch with every step. 

The sheath provides the nutrition and lubrication to the tendons. Tendons attach muscles to bones and in case of injury to it, inflammation occurs in the region and can prevent walking as well as bring excruciating pain. 

For athletes who commonly face this situation, the recovery might take four to six months and seems like a critical condition.

How to Treat Achilles tendon repair open?

Achilles Tendon can be repaired through surgical and non-surgical means. Some of the non-surgical options include - 

  • Using crutches to rest the tendons.

  • Applying ice in the area of rupture.

  • Using supportive like special walking boots with casts or wedges. 

  • Non-surgical treatment avoids the risks associated with surgery, such as infection.

  • The non-surgical approach is very time consuming and the recovery might take longer.

  • Depending on the patient's condition, the doctor might suggest a different approach.

  • If there is a restricted finger movement that could be disabling.

  • Painful fingers and toe.

  • Discomfort in walking as well as doing regular tasks.

what are the Procedure for Surgery?

Open surgery is carried out by making a horizontal incision below the calf and above the ankle. 

Through this incision, the doctor attempts to stitch the ruptured tendons. In case the tendons are ruptured beyond repair, healthy tendons form the surrounding areas like toe or calf. 

After the tendons are restored the incision is closed with sutures and the feet are kept in a splint for additional support and faster recovery.

Types of surgery for : Achilles tendon repair open

Gastrocnemius recession

Under this process, the surgeon lengthens the calf tendons to reduce stress.

Debridement and repair

Under this procedure, the tendons are repaired with sutures and in critical cases, where the damage is more, healthy tendons from other regions are used to restore damaged ones.

Risks associated with Achilles tendon repair open.

  •  Reaction to Anesthesia

  • Damage to nearby organs or nerves

  • Bleeding

  • Blood clots

  • Infections

Achilles tendon repair open :Post surgery procedures

Tendons can heal faster if post-surgery a proper physical or occupational therapy is carried out.  

This allows the tendons and muscles to lose stiffness and gain strength and flexibility so they resume to normal functions. 

Tendons might take four to six months for the total recovery and in this time the patient should continue with strength and stability training.

 In athletes, the strength and stability training might extend to a year for better recovery and lesser pain or relapse.

Physical therapy after either surgical or nonsurgical management results in progressing faster. 

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