Achilles tendon repair Laparosocpic

The Achilles Tendon connects the calf muscles to the calcaneus (heel bone) and is one of the important tendons in the human body. The main action of the Achilles tendon is foot plantar flexion. Common pathologies include: tendinopathy, tear or rupture. 

Examples of mechanisms of injury for rupture include: falling from a height, forceful plantar flexion of the ankle (as in jumping with an extended knee), or using the foot to break a fall if you stumble.

Clinically they present with a palpable gap on palpation, increased passive dorsiflexion, lack of heel raise and a positive Thompson Test. Achilles tendon rupture is either managed conservatively with a cast or surgically with an Achilles tendon repair.

What is Achilles tendon repair Laparosocpic?

Achilles tendon rupture is caused by an injury. The condition appears in the back of the lower leg between the calf and the ankle. 

The injury could be caused by accident or while playing recreational sports.

The Achilles is a strong tendon that connects the muscles in the back of the calf to the heel bone. The injury could rupture the Achilles tendon totally or partially.

The Achilles tendon is accompanied by a sharp pain in the lower leg and calf region and the patient might be unable to walk properly. 

The healing process can be non-surgical depending on a person's health and individual condition.

How to Treat Achilles tendon repair Laparosocpic?

A doctor might recommend different surgical or non-surgical treatment depending on your age, level of activity, the severity of the rupture, and the associated conditions. 

IN athletes and younger patients, surgery is often recommended for faster recovery, while in older people surgery is not recommended but a non-surgical treatment.

How is Achilles tendon repair Laparosocpic surgery is done?

The Achilles tendon repair procedure involves making an incision in the back of the lower leg. 

Depending on the condition of the torn tissue, the doctor repairs it by stitching it or reinforcing it with other tendons.

The Laparoscopic process is carried out by 

Making one or more small incisions (cuts) in the skin around the ruptured tendons.

Guided by a laparoscope (a narrow tube with a light camera at one end) the doctor then sews the torn ends of the tendon together.

The doctor also ascertains during the procedure if any surrounding tissues are ruptured and need attention. Injuries to the blood vessels and nerves need to be taken care, to avoid further complications.

Post-surgery the doctor closes the incision and covers the incision with sterile bandages. 

A splint (a rigid and flexible device that offer support as well as gives stability to the surgical site) is applied to the joints. 

IN cases where the rupture is severe, and there is no scope to repair the tendon, a healthy tendon is sourced from other parts of the body like the toe or the foot.


Achilles tendon rupture does not just recover with surgery but also needs to be supplemented with physical therapy like exercises. 

The recovery takes a full four to six months depending on the seriousness of the rupture. 

The surgery should be supported by strength, stability as well as coordination training continuously.

What are the Risks of Achilles tendon repair surgery?

  • Excess bleeding

  • Nerve damage

  • Infection

  • Blood clot

  • Wound healing problems

  • Calf weakness

  • Complications from anesthesia

  • Continued pain in the foot and ankle

  • The risks may vary according to your age, the shape of the foot and leg muscles and tendons, general health, and the type of surgery done. 

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