Squint Correction Surgery

Squint correction surgery is a surgical procedure done to correct a condition called Strabismus. 

In this condition, when you are looking at something your eyes don't align properly. This procedure focuses on treating the extraocular muscles to treat this condition.

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What is Squint Correction Surgery?

Squint is also referred to as strabismus.

It is a condition where eyes point in different directions. One eye is in the direction the affected person intends to look at and the other eye could turn out, in, down, or up.

Although this condition can occur at any age, it is commonly observed in children. 

Although this condition may correct itself, it has chances to reappear. Hence, treatment is generally recommended by the doctor to correct the squint.

Squint may lead to vision problems if not treated early as observed. If left untreated, there are chances of vision loss as well.

To repair squint, the eye muscles are operated on to correct the imbalance in them. 

This surgery is mostly performed on children, though it may be used for adults as well.

The doctor at the outset may start with conservative ways like eye exercises and eyeglasses to correct strabismus. If the condition does not show significant improvement, the doctor may resort to surgery.

How is Squint Correction Surgery performed?

  • You may be recommended for a full body checkup prior to the surgery.
  • The doctor then measures if your eye muscles are weaker or stronger. ​

  • The doctor may discontinue any medications you may be consuming a couple of days before and after the surgery. These generally include medications, which increase bleeding, and any other over-the-counter drugs or supplements the patient might be consuming. 

  • The doctor may instruct you to fast for a few hours before the surgery such that it does not interfere with the anesthesia and later cause nausea or vomiting.

  • Children generally undergo this procedure under general anesthesia, such that they are sleeping throughout the procedure. Adults may be given local anesthesia to only numb the region around the eye. ​

How is Squint Correction Surgery done?

The surgeon makes a small incision in the conjunctiva of your eye. Conjunctiva is the clear membrane that covers the white of the eye.

From here, the surgeon approaches your eye muscles to stretch them or shorten them correctly positioning the eye. The surgery is completed within 90 minutes. Patients with strabismus detected in both eyes will undergo surgery for both eyes.

If the surgery is performed to shorten and further strengthen your eye muscles, the process is called resection. In this, the surgeon removes a section of the muscles or an adjoining tendon.

If the surgery is performed to stretch or weaken your eye muscle, the process is called recession. Here, the muscle is repositioned further behind at the back of the eye.

How is the Post-surgery recovery takes place?

It is an outpatient procedure; you will be sent home the same day. Minor discomfort is expected for a few weeks until the muscles of your eye recover and heal completely from the surgery.

In this duration, you must avoid touching the eyes and scratching them. The doctor may prescribe antibiotic eye drops to prevent infections to the eye. 

The doctor schedules checkup visits to ensure evaluation of recovery post-surgery. 

As strabismus leads to impaired vision, you may have to continue wearing glasses or contacts. 

Children having strabismus even after surgery may have to continue wearing an eye patch on the stronger eye, to help the weaker eye practice and strengthen it. 

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