Laparoscopic Rectocele repair surgery

What is Laparoscopic Rectocele Repair Surgery?

Rectocele condition is also known as Rectal prolapse, in which the rectum that is the large intestine protrudes out of the anus, causing discomfort and also misaligning the normal functions of a rectum.

The Rectocele surgery is carried out to control chronic problems like rectal prolapse, obstructed bowel movements, leakage of stool, or the inability to control bowel movements.

 The rectocele repair surgery is carried out to control this prolapse and get back the rectum back in its place.

The surgery usually removes the excess, stretched tissue that creates a vaginal bulge. It also restores the pelvic wall by placing stitches (sutures) to support the pelvic structures. 

Rectocele can be accompanied by prolapse of other pelvic organs too, which can be simultaneously repaired and restored.

What is Pre surgery process of Laparoscopic Rectocele Repair ?

  • The patient is usually admitted a day before the procedure and relaxed on all the medical parameters.
  • The patient is asked to be on empty stomach eight to ten hours before the procedure. Anesthesia given could be general or local anesthesia based on what the doctor decides.

How surgery is carried out?

Rectocele repair can be done through Laparoscopic surgery or open surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery :

This is a minimally invasive surgery and makes use of a laparoscope a light camera) to perform the surgery. 

The surgery is carried out by doing incisions in the abdomen. Three to four small incisions are done on the abdomen to guide the laparoscope through the abdomen along with other surgical instruments. 

The rectum and colon prolapse are restored by strengthening the muscles around them by using natural tissue or surgical mesh. In case a patient has a condition of a history of constipation, part of the colon is removed.

 Laparoscopic surgery can also be carried out with the help of a robot.

Perineal Rectosigmoidectomy:

This surgery can also be performed through the perineum region- the area between the anus and vagina.

 During this procedure, the doctor pulls the rectum through the anus, then cuts a part of the large intestine and puts it back, and restores it in its original position by strengthening it against the pelvic wall.

If you have rectal prolapse along with prolapse of the other pelvic organs, your rectocele surgery might be accompanied by other surgeries for restoring the other organs in the pelvic region.

What is Post surgery process of Laparoscopic Rectocele Repair ?

  • Post-surgery the patient will be kept under observation overnight in the hospital. The doctors will begin a clear liquid diet and will slowly transition to solid diets.

  • The patient will have a gauze bandage dressing in the vaginal or abdominal region. 

  • In some patients, a catheter will be attached to drain the urine. When the patient is to be discharged the catheter is removed.

  • The patient will have to use a pad as there will be some vaginal bleeding.

  • The patient is asked not to take shower for 48 hours. Post which it is also not recommended to go swimming.

What are the Risks of Laparoscopic Rectocele Repair Surgery?

Like every surgery, Rectal prolapse surgery carries serious risks depending on the surgical procedure carried out-

  • Bleeding

  • Damage to nearby structures, such as nerves and organs

  • Infection

  • Bowel obstruction

  • Narrowing (stricture) of the anal opening.

  • Formation of fistula, an abnormal connection that develops between two body parts. 

  • Recurring rectal prolapse.

  • Worsened constipation

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