Ovarian Laparoscopic Cystectomy

What is Ovarian Laparoscopic Cystectomy ?

Cystectomy is a procedure performed to remove ovarian cysts that could be painful or also hinder fertility, making it difficult for the patient to conceive.

There are also chances the cyst might burst or turn cancerous and that makes this condition severe and needs to be treated well in time.

When is the Ovarian Laparoscopic Cystectomy done?

Laparoscopic Ovarian Cystectomy is practiced if -

  • The patient has cysts in one or both ovaries.

  • An ovarian cyst that is painful and has not shrunk for a couple of months.

  • A cyst that appears larger than 3 inches.

  • A malignant or abnormal formation.

  • In the case of ovarian cancer.

The additional conditions that make your doctor recommend a laparoscopic Cystectomy are -

  • The patient has opted for birth control measures.

  • In the case of teenagers who have not started a period yet.

  • A patient in the post-menopause phase. 

How to prepare for the Ovarian Laproscopic Cystectomy ?

The doctor advises the patient to –

  • Remain empty stomach 8-10 hours before the surgery.

  • Inform the doctor of any blood-thinning or other medications is taken.

  • Reaction or allergies to anesthesia should be reported well in advance.

  • If a woman is pregnant, she should be informed by the doctor in advance.

How does Ovarian Laparoscopic Cystectomy is treated?

The patient is given local or general anesthesia, before the procedure.

During the laparoscopic process which is a less invasive process, three to four incisions are made in the patient's abdomen.

Carbon dioxide gas is passed through the incision to inflate the abdomen so that the doctor has enough space and better visibility in working.

Through one of the incisions, a slender tube is inserted. This tube has a small lighted camera at one end. This camera captures the visuals which are presented on a screen.

The doctor with the aid of the screen performs a guided surgery. Surgical devices are introduced through the other incisions.

The cyst is then removed through these incisions and also any other mass that is foreign to the abdomen.

Once the cyst is removed the incisions are sutured back.

What are the Risks of Ovarian Laproscopic Cystectomy?

Some of the risks associated with Ovarian Cystectomy are -

  • Ovarian cysts that recur.

  • Pelvic pain still might not reduce.

  • Infections may develop.

  • Scar tissue binds the pelvic organs together.

  • Injury to the bowel, bladder, or other pelvic organs.

Post-surgery the patient will be asked to stay overnight in the hospital under observation.

The patient will be asked to walk with support after the operation, to avoid the formation of blood clots in the legs.

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