Caesarean Tubectomy

Caesarean Tubectomy is also called cesarean with tubal removal (salpingectomy) or tubal ligation. It is a consented procedure carried out on a patient undergoing a C-section for delivery and does not wish to have children after this. 

Tubectomy is usually recommended within a week of menstruation and in post-pregnancy cases, it is completed within 72 hours of vaginal delivery.The procedure may take a few extra minutes than the expected time for a C-section delivery. 

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What is Caesarean Tubectomy?

It is also called as caesarean with tubal removal (salpingectomy) or tubal ligation.

It is a consented procedure carried out on a patient undergoing a C-section for delivery and does not wish to have children after this. 

There are two methods to achieve this:

  • Removal of the fallopian tubes (Salpingectomy)

  • Tubal ligation: The fallopian tubes are permanently closed, by electrocauterization (a small section of both the tubes is burnt off) or by positioning a clip or a band on both the tubes.

Both methods ensure that the sperm does not reach the eggs for fertilization of eggs to occur. 

Doctors usually recommend salpingectomy, as research has shown that this procedure reduces the risk of women for ovarian cancer over tubal ligation. 

The time taken for recovery after either of the above-described procedures is the same as the time taken to recover from the C—section.

Caesarean Tubectomy: Procedure

The procedure may take a few extra minutes than the expected time for a C-section delivery. 

It is done under the regional anaesthesia given for the C-section. The most likely being an epidural block or spinal block, which numbs the lower portion of the body. 

The doctor makes incisions to cut out a section of both the fallopian tubes. Once these are removed, the doctor then finally sutures the incisions.

Caesarean Tubectomy: Post surgery care

The recovery after surgery is similar to that of C-section as the procedure was done as an extension of the delivery.

The mother will be on IV fluids until discharge. Usually, the discharge happens after three days of delivery. This allows the doctor to monitor pain from the surgery and ensure the effectiveness of the anaesthesia effectively wears out.

The patient is made to walk as soon as possible after the procedure to avoid the formation of blot clots and constipation due to immobility. 

Other instructions after discharge the patient needs to follow are: 

  • Rest in the following weeks' post-C-section.

  • Assuming correct posture for effective recovery.

  • Plenty of fluid intakes to replace those lost during surgery.

  • Restrain from sex for at least four to six weeks.

  • Watch for painful breasts, excessive vaginal discharge, discomfort or pain while urinating and fever. These need to be reported to the doctor immediately.

  • Pain or nausea that worsens.

  • Fever or chills.

  • Swelling around the sutured area.

  • Difficulty emptying the bladder.

Although the time for individuals to recover differs, generally patients take around three to six weeks to fully recover from a combined C- section with salpingectomy or tubal removal surgery. 

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