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It is the surgical process of removing the gallbladder.


The symptoms when a person has gallstones and requires surgery are:
  • High fever and a yellowish tint in one’s eyes.
  • A repetitive nauseous feeling and vomiting along with the passing of dark coloured urine and clay coloured stools.


Pre-surgery is the patient getting ready for the surgery and involves the following
  • A bowel prep is undertaken so as to remove stools from the digestive tract. This is done by the surgeon through two ways, that is either, by administering a laxative or performing an enema (cleansing the tract by injecting a liquid through the rectum).
  • The patient is instructed to fast the night before the surgery so as to keep the digestive tract clear during the surgery.
  • Along with the other preparations, the medications that the patient takes (if any) are stopped at the advice of the surgeon.


The surgical process of cholecystectomy includes two different methods. Those are:
  • Two small incisions are made into the abdomen. One is to insert the camera so that the surgeon has visual inside the body and the other is to insert small surgical instruments. The surgeon makes 4 small cuts and then removes the gallbladder.
  • A large incision is made, exposing the gallbladder and is then removed.
  • The open cholecystectomy is only done if the gallstone or if the inflammation is quite large and complicated.

Post Surgical Care

  • It usually takes a full week for a patient to recover from this surgery. However, they are allowed to go home as soon as the surgery is over and only held back if the situation is seen to complicate itself.
  • After a full recovery, the patient can continue all regular activities without having any pain.
  • After this surgery, the patient is admitted for a few days for recovery and observation. While, with the other surgery it only takes a week for the patient to resume normal activities, here it takes close to a month and a half.
So as to make an effective recovery, the patient should follow the instruction of the doctor, which may include:
  • Painkillers are prescribed at the discretion of the surgeon.
  • Rest is a must and thus the patient is confined to the bed.
  • The bandage and stitches must be cleaned and sterilized regularly to prevent an infection.


  • Leakage of bile internally or bleeding or an infection.
  • Blood clots
  • Injury to the neighbor organs or tissue.
  • In very rare cases, the lungs do not become fully functional right after the surgery and due to the low effectiveness of the functioning of the lungs it can cause a serious condition of “Pneumonia”.

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