Appendicular Abscess drainage

Appendicular Abscess drainage is a procedure to remove the abscess from your Appendix, because of a blockage in the appendicular lining of the appendix.

An inflamed appendix may cause it to rupture on avoiding treatment leading to infection and formation of an appendicular abscess.

In this procedure, The doctor does an open surgery where the abscess drainage is cleared and the abdominal cavity is cleaned and This is an emergency procedure that can cause life-threatening if not treated on time.

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What is Appendicular Abscess drainage?

Appendicular Abscess drainage is a procedure to remove the abscess from your Appendix. In this procedure your doctor clears the infection at your appendix and proceeds to remove your appendix. This is an emergency procedure and can cause life threat if not attended on time.

The formation of an appendicular abscess is because of a blockage in the appendicular lining of the appendix. This could also be the underlying cause of appendicitis.

The bacteria multiplying in this region now cause the appendix to become inflamed, lead to swelling and promote formation of pus. If this condition is not treated with immediate effect, the appendix could rupture. 

The rupture could lead to the infection spreading throughout the abdominal cavity, which is life threatening and would require immediate surgery to remove the appendix and clean the infected abdominal cavity. This is achieved through an open appendectomy surgery.

The rupture of the appendix could also lead to a localized abscess formation in the abdominal cavity.

How to prepare for Appendicular Abscess drainage?

You should inform our doctor if you are pregnant or have been through a recent illness, or any allergy or certain medical condition.

Keep your doctor informed if you are on blood thinning medicines.

You are asked not to eat for a minimum of eight hours before the surgery.

How is Appendicular Abscess drainage performed?

Surgery could be done in an open surgical drainage or a     percutaneous abscess drainage.

  • Open appendicular abscess drainage

It is an open surgery where the abscess drainage is cleared and the abdominal cavity is cleaned, and if conditions are right, the appendix too is removed. 

  • Percutaneous Abscess Drainage

This procedure is done under local anesthesia.

This procedure is image-guided under a CT scanner or Ultrasound. It is a minimally invasive technique during which the doctor is likely to place a catheter, and drain the pus in the abscessed region over a period of two weeks.

Once the abscess is drained, your doctor will operate and remove the appendix. The catheter tube is as narrow as a pencil lead.

This is a short procedure and usually completed within 20 minutes to an hour. The catheter is connected to a drainage bag.

The catheter will remain till the entire pus is drained and the infection is clear, which might take a few days. The doctor does prescribe antibiotics to contain the infection during this course of actions. This surgery offers faster recovery as compared to an open surgical drainage.

What's after Appendicular Abscess drainage ?

Post-surgery the patient will be monitored in the recovery room for life signs like heartbeat, blood pressure and once stable and out of anesthesia the patient will be shifted to the hospital room.

  • The patient will be retained in the hospital till-

  • There is no fever in the 24 hours post-surgery

  • The pain is under control through oral medications.

  • The patient is eating and well hydrated.

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