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More often than not, health insurance claims are rejected if a person is hospitalized with an undisclosed medical history. Find out more about this from an expert.

A pre-existing illness can be covered if an individual was unaware while buying the policy. However, if the pre-existing illness was not disclosed while signing up, the insurance company may not offer coverage. Know more from our experts!.

Food habits and lifestyle have less to do with claim process and more with your monthly insurance premiums when a serious illness is diagnosed. Understand the process with an expert!.

This completely depends on your insurance plan. Certain health insurance plans offer OPD cover and assist the insured to claim expenses other than those incurred during hospitalization.

Talk to our Medfin expert to find out the treatments covered as part of your insurance., Share your insurance details and we will guide you.

This depends on your insurer and insurance plan. Many insurers offer health insurance policies with coverage for OPD expenses such as medical bills, diagnostic tests, ambulance charges, health checkups, dental treatments, etc.

More often than not, health insurance claims are rejected if a person is hospitalized with an undisclosed medical history. Find out more about this from an expert.

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Which expenses are covered by my insurance?

Your health insurance policy will cover a few categories of services which include doctors’ services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, prescription drug coverage, pregnancy, and childbirth, mental health services, etc.

Here is a list of major expenses that are usually covered.

OT charges

Operation theater charges for surgery are covered in your policy. Chat with an expert about the documentation procedure for the same.

Ambulance charges

In case of a medical emergency, the ambulance charges will be covered by your health insurance policy.

Hospitalization stay charges

If your treatment requires hospitalization or if the doctor suggests hospitalization, your stay charges will be insured.

Doctor visiting charges

You can claim the doctor’s charges during thetreatment period.

Cost of medicines and medical tests

Expenses incurred on medicines and tests during the treatment can be claimed (in the inclusion of your policy). Learn more about which tests fall under the inclusion category.

Surgeon charges

For major surgeries, the surgeon charges an amount that adds to the total cost of the surgery. Consult with an expert to find out how to claim the surgeon charges.

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