Chronic Testicular Pain

Testicular pain can be caused by a sudden injury, inflammation, sexually transmitted infections or an emergency condition called testicular torsion (twisting). 

This condition can cause a dull ache in the scrotum, sometimes along with swelling. Pain in the testicles can also be a sign of more serious problems like testicular cancer.

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What is Chronic Testicular Pain?

Chronic testicular pain is long-term pain of the testes. It is considered chronic if it has persisted for more than 3 months.

Chronic testicular pain may be caused by injury, infection, surgery, cancer, or testicular torsion and is a possible complication after vasectomy. The igG4-related disease is a more recently identified cause of chronic orchialgia.

What does testicular pain feel like? How severe is the pain?

Pain or discomfort that is felt in one or both the testicles is referred to as testicular pain condition. It may be caused by the testicle itself or may be the result of other conditions that affect the groin, scrotum, or abdomen.

However, there are various medical conditions that can lead to testicular pain, but some of them require immediate attention. This is necessary to prevent impairment or testicular function loss.

The testicular pain might be short-term or long-term, and intermittent or consistent.

What are the common reasons for testicular pain?

Injury or traumatic events to the testicles may cause pain. But, it is observed that the testicle pain is often the result of a medical condition that requires treatment. These include,

·       Scrotum nerves damage due to diabetic neuropathy 

·       Epididymitis is inflammation of the testicles that occurred due to STI chlamydia.

·       Untreated testicular trauma or torsion can lead to gangrene, which is the death of tissues.

·       A hydrocele is swelling of the scrotum

·       Kidney stones

·       An inguinal hernia

·       Orchitis, or swelling of the testicle

·       A spermatocele, or presence of fluid in the testicle

·       An undescended testicle

·       A varicocele, or a group of enlarged veins present in the testicle

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