Uterine Prolapse

The uterus also referred the womb well in place inside the pelvic region and held through various muscles, tissue as well as ligaments. Uterine Prolapse condition occurs when your Uterus slips down into or protrudes out of the Vagina.

Uterine prolapse may be incomplete or complete. An incomplete prolapse occurs when the uterus is only partly sagging into the vagina. Complete prolapse occurs when the uterus falls so far down that some tissue protrudes outside of the vagina.

This condition occurs when the ligaments and pelvic muscle floor weakens and no longer holds your vagina in place. This causes the vagina to slip down or even turn upside down.Do you want to know the treatment option? Please contact our doctor at Medfin. 

What is a Prolapsed Uterus?

The uterus also referred the womb well in place inside the pelvic region and held through various muscles, tissue as well as ligaments. Conditions like pregnancy, childbirth, extreme labor, and delivery in some cases weaken the muscles that hold the uterus in place. 

In addition, in aging women the estrogen level drops and thus leading to the condition called prolapsed uterus where the uterus drops from the pelvic region from the cervix into the vagina.

Depending on the quality of muscles and their strength, the uterus may sag to a certain degree of the total. The prolapsed uterus condition is considered in four degrees depending on the extent of dislocation of the uterus.

  • First degree: a condition where the cervix drops into the vagina.
  • Second degree: a condition where the cervix drops to the opening of the vagina.
  • Third degree: a condition where the cervix sags outside the vagina.
  •  Fourth degree: a condition where the entire uterus is outside the vagina. This condition is also called procidentia. 

  • What are the Symptoms of Prolapsed Uterus?

    • Pressure in the pelvis region

    • Lower back pain

    • An uncomfortable feeling of something emerging from the vagina

    • Uterine tissue bulging out of the vagina

    • Pain during sexual intercourse

    • Difficulty in urination or passing bowels

    • Discomfort while walking

    You seriously need a doctor’s consultation when –

    • You find discomfort in urination or bowel movement complete uterine prolapse out of your vagina

    • Rectal urgency or persistent urinary dribbling. 

    What are the Causes of Prolapsed Uterus

    • Complicated delivery through the vagina

    • Weakened pelvic muscles due to advancing age

    •  The weakening of tissue tone after menopause or loss of natural estrogen

    •  Increased pressure on the abdomen due to - chronic cough, straining with constipation, pelvic tumors, or fluid accumulations in the abdomen

    •  Obesity with additional strain on pelvic muscles

    •  Major surgery in the pelvic area

    •  Smoking

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