Second Opinion – A Second Chance to Better Treatment

When people buy a car, a house or make any major investment, they visit the idea more than once just to be sure so then why compromise on health.

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You may be consulting the best specialist whom you have trusted for many years. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a second medical opinion. Nowadays, getting a second opinion is considered essential. When people buy a car, a house or make any major investment, they visit the idea more than once just to be sure. So then why compromise on health. In fact, it is always a good idea to visit a few doctors to make sure you understand what you’re receiving and why.

Importance of Second Medical Opinion

Getting a second opinion is a crucial aspect of learning about your disease and treatment choices. The more you know about your diagnosis and treatment choices, the more likely you are to receive the best care possible. For instance, cancer has several treatment options. And genomics, genetics, immunotherapy, stem cells, and precision medicine are all advancing at a breakneck speed. Therefore, getting a second opinion on cancer cure can help you better understand your alternatives. And make an educated decision about which is the best option for you.

Cost Saving Decision

A second opinion, in addition to providing comfort, can also help to decrease the costs associated with misdiagnoses. It also assists you in selecting the most appropriate treatment option at the lowest cost. From its inception in December 2019, Medfin has been able to avoid major operations in roughly 25% of patients (~8000 patients). This saved them both time and money. This also guaranteed that the patients and their family were not subjected to any emotional anguish.

The Reassurance Factor

Second opinion not only helps the patients in changing the diagnosis or getting a suitable medical care. But it also reinstates the trust in patient’s mind about the treatment he is receiving. Sometimes this belief goes a long way. If they have faith in what they are receiving, patients emerge as more mature and strong. For example, ‘If a doctor tells you that you are receiving the right treatment, you become confident of your recovery.’

Medfin – first choice for second opinion

Second opinion about surgical procedures is generally given by a panel of health experts. This is for various surgery-related cases to provide the patient an insight that help them understand the condition better. Through an online platform in India, Medfin offers a panel of top doctors and other medical professionals. Patients may seek a second opinion from them on whether the treatment path being pursued for them is appropriate and effective.

Medfin established this platform to provide patients with access to medical experts and medical facilities. This enables them to get answers to their questions regarding the care they are receiving in any hospital or from any doctor. “It can only be beneficial to have more information regarding your diagnosis and therapy. Most importantly, it is your right as a patient to seek a second medical opinion. You are the best advocate for yourself,” quips Dr Shashikiran BD, Medfin expert.

Advocate Your Health Better!

It’s a frequent misconception that physicians are experts on all ailments and can successfully treat anybody walking into their clinic. Even the greatest doctors would not be able to be specialists in every disease’s treatment and management. Getting a second opinion is the most practical method to find a doctor for a different perspective on your diagnosis and treatment. Getting a second medical opinion also lowers the odds of receiving an incorrect diagnosis. And it improves the chances of receiving effective treatment.

Unknown health issues or a new diagnosis can be frightening and upsetting, and the more information you have, the more equipped you will be to make the best decisions. Getting a second opinion gives you additional information and puts you in charge of your health outcomes, allowing you to become your own health advocate.

While seeking a second opinion may seem time consuming, failing to do so might have significant consequences for you and your mental health. In certain situations, a second physician’s judgement may concur with your physician’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations. This might provide you a sense of security, peace of mind, and comfort that you’re making the greatest decision for your health.

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